How Facebook Groups Increased My Blog Traffic

The Internet is a wonderful place filled with vast amounts of information. I feel like everyday I learn something new about blogging. This can be incredibly exciting and fun, but it can also become overwhelming. Everybody has their own plan to make their blog become uber successful, and often times they share their tips! It’s … Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Blog Photos – My Photos Then and Now

When I first started blogging I knew absolutely nothing about photography. All I had was my iPhone, some makeup, and iPhoto to edit them in. I used overhead lighting to shoot and had no idea how to stage a photo. It’s safe to say my blog photos have come a long way since I first … Continue Reading

The Complete Guide To Makeup Brushes

When I first started using makeup I owned about three brushes. I used all three for multiple products and hardly washed them. I figured if the makeup got from the pan or bottle onto my face than that was good enough! As I’ve grown older and more knowledgeable about makeup, my collection of makeup brushes … Continue Reading

From Office to Cocktails – Making Your Outfit Work for Both

Even if you’re not conscious of it, clothing plays a big part in our lives. Every day we wake up and decide what outfit to wear. We base our decisions off of the weather, how we’re feeling that day, and what we plan on doing. For most of us, our jobs are a big influencer … Continue Reading

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit for Oily Skin

The drugstore can be a wonderful yet overwhelming place to shop for makeup. So many companies are coming out with incredible products, however there are still so many bad ones that you have to weed through first. Sometimes I walk into the drugstore, look around, and then walk back out again without picking up a single product. … Continue Reading

Some of the Worst Products at the Drugstore

In a perfect world every product purchased at the drugstore would be so amazing we’d want to sing from rooftops about it. Unfortunately the world is not perfect; Monday’s exist, acne is not just for teenagers, and a lot of products at the drugstore are terrible. I’ve collected some of what are, in my opinion, … Continue Reading