Some of the Worst Products at the Drugstore

In a perfect world every product purchased at the drugstore would be so amazing we’d want to sing from rooftops about it. Unfortunately the world is not perfect; Monday’s exist, acne is not just for teenagers, and a lot of products at the drugstore are terrible. I’ve collected some of what are, in my opinion, … Continue Reading

What I’ve Learned About Blogging, and How I Stay Productive

When I first started this blog I had no set goals in mind. I had no intentions to monetize my little site or work with brands. All I knew was that I liked makeup and writing, and by starting a blog I could combine those two interests. Blogging, however, quickly became a passion of mine. … Continue Reading

My Top 5 Spring Nail Polish Picks

A couple of posts ago I rambled on about the awful weather my town was experiencing and how un-spring like it was feeling. Well, yesterday it was 75º and sunny and today it’s meant to be 81º and sunny! Spring has FINALLY arrived and it feels so good. The beautiful weather has inspired me to … Continue Reading

Finding the Right Birth Control and How It Impacted My Life

When I was 14 I went to my primary doctor to discuss my irregular periods. I was not under or over weight, I exercised regularly and was an all around healthy teenager. At the end of the appointment my doctor, after making sure my mom and I agreed, wrote me a prescription for Ortho Tri-Cyclen … Continue Reading

Mini Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Tea Infused Frosting

When I was a child I hated carrot cake. The mere thought of vegetables in my cake was enough to make me violently shake my head no when someone asked if I would like a piece. Where was the chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting?! Boy was I missing out! I wish I could go … Continue Reading

Beauty Favorites for the Month of March

I’m honestly starting to feel like Spring is a myth; a figment of my imagination that will never come to fruition. The date is March 31, and there is still snow on the ground. Every time the snow melts mother nature decides we need more and gives us a few more inches. I’m so sick … Continue Reading