One of my favorite parts of blogging is the photography! I love finding bits and bobs around the house that I can use to style photos, and then getting behind the lense to take the perfect photo. Photo props can take a good photo and turn it into a great photo, and odds are you already have a lot of these items laying around your house. If not, you can easily find them at Target, because we all need another excuse to go to Target, right?

I’ve already shared with you my photography journey, and taught you how to make your photos look professional, so finally I’m going to share some everyday items you can use as photo props.

A Rug or Blanket – Rugs and blankets make for easy and portable backgrounds. A white fluffy rug is especially nice as it has some texture but doesn’t distract from the main focus of your photo.

Fairy Lights – There’s just something about fairy lights that have the ability to improve any photo. Throw them in the background and you’ll get a really pretty glow. Make sure you grab the ones that have a yellow bulb, not those harsh white LED ones.

Makeup Brushes – If you’re a beauty blogger you already have these in your bathroom or on your vanity. I even bought a cheap but pretty set from Marshalls to use specifically for photos. This way they’re always clean and ready for a close up.

Candles – If you light the candle it has a similar effect as the fairy lights and will warm up the photo. If not, the jar will still look pretty in the background and fill some space.

Ribbon – Ribbon makes a great prop to add a pop of color to the photo. A lot of times I choose one main color as the theme of the photo and then throw in some pink ribbon to add some interest.

Fake Flowers – While fake flowers can be pricey initially, they last infinitely longer than real ones. I have several bunches that I use depending on the look and feel of the photo I’m going for.

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Jewelry – Necklaces, rings and earrings are awesome for filling space! Often times I’ll sit back and think the photo needs something, and usually a statement necklace or a few rings does the trick.

Magazines – I love the look of the black and white text of a magazine. It’s a clean background that provides some interest. The covers of magazines are also great for, once again, providing a pop of color. ?

Perfume bottles – Perfume bottles are always gorgeous, so show off your collection in your photos!

Throw Pillows – Styling a cozy photo? Throw in some throw pillows (pun intended) to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the photo

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10 everyday items you can use a photo props for you blog, Instagram, and more!

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I feel like coming up with props can be hard sometimes, so this is super helpful! I love the idea of using throw pillows and fake flowers!


I LOVE your addition of fairy lights – I would never think to add them, but that is such a great idea! I also loooveeee adding flowers (although I never actually get around to doing that haha)


I’m definitely pinning this! Sometimes I have such a hard time coming up with inspo when I have to shoot images for blog campaigns on my own!

xoxo A


Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!


Beautiful styling! I need to invest in a few pretty papers and magazines for flat lays!


How pretty! I usually use jewelry or a pretty tray to spice up my photos.


These are all great ideas! I love the use of fairy lights!


I love putting makeup brushes in photos because they make every photo a little bit girlier!


These are great ideas! I always struggle with what to include in my flat lays.

Greta |


What a great list! I just bought a heart eyes emoji pillow ansbim excited to experiment it with my photos!

Ash |


I love using fake flowers! This is such a good idea! Saving this for later!


I love that you did this post! I was just wandering around my house yesterday trying to find things to use as props!


This is such a helpful post! I always am looking around for things to use for photos!
Tori || Victori Media

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