Happy new year and welcome back to my blog! I’m still here, silently mourning the end of December and the holiday season. I’m prolonging taking down the Christmas decorations for as long as possible while still burning holiday candles and eating Christmas candy. How is December really over?! It feels like I just put up my tree and hung the lights. Time really does fly by as you get older.

One of the best ways to conquer the end of holiday blues is by keeping busy, and I’m doing that by sharing everything I loved during the month of December with you guys! I got a brand new Canon Rebel T6 camera for Christmas and I’ve been having so much fun learning how to use it. I’m really excited to start taking better pictures and see my blog grow and improve throughout 2017.

A lot of my favorites during the month of December are items I ordered from e.l.f. during their Black Friday sale. I did a whole post about that haul which you can read right here.


The first thing is this blush and highlighter duo in St.Lucia. The blush is a beautiful peach color with gold glitter in it, and it’s complimented by the bronzer that also has gold glitter in it! The glitter isn’t too noticeable though, it just provides that perfect amount of glow to make you look beautiful and healthy.


Another favorite from that haul is the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette. I’ve used this so many times this past month and I’m still not sick of it. The color range is perfect, the shadows last all day, and there’s a good mix of matte and shimmer. It’s a nice change from the typical brown and tan shades you find in most nude palettes.


The baked highlighter in Blush Gems is another great product from e.l.f. I love the way this highlight looks when it catches the light, it just looks so natural and effortless on my skin. If you’re a pale girl like me you need to try this product!


My last e.l.f. favorite for the month is their smudge pot in the shade wine not. It’s a gorgeous, deep purple shade that is so easy to throw on, blend out, and be done with. The shadow does not budge or fade and looks great for hours!


This Colourpop liner in Get Paid blew me away the first time I used it. It’s a gel liner that glides on so easily and is incredibly pigmented. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use a copper eyeliner, but oh my gosh is the color amazing! This is the first item I’ve tried from Colourpop and it makes me want to place an order for more things.



The last bit of makeup I was really impressed with is Diamond Powder from Winky Lux. I’ve never heard of this company or product before, but my friend gave it to me along with a bunch of other makeup she no longer wanted or used. The powder feels like silk, and has the smallest flecks micro glitter in it. I use this to set my under eye concealer and it looks flawless. I would really love to buy the full size of this product as it can be built up and used as a powder foundation.


I had a terrible breakout all over my chin this past month and I had a feeling that it was my cleanser that was causing the issues. After poking around the Internet and reading about people’s favorite cleaners I decided to give this one a try. I’d heard of CeraVe for a while now, but for some reason never thought to give it a try until now. This is honestly the first cleanser I’ve tried that claims to be hydrating and actually is! The product itself looks like a lotion and feels very thick. It melts off dirt and makeup and helped clear up my breakout within days.


Lastly, I have a tea favorite! I studied abroad in Brighton England in the fall of 2015 and while there I fell in love with the Bluebird Tea Company. They make so many gourmet teas in flavors I have never heard of or thought would taste good in the form of tea. While the shop in Brighton is the only one that exists, they do ship worldwide! I ordered a couple bags as gifts for family and ordered myself this mint chocolate rooibos flavor. It tastes like heaven and is the perfect drink on a cold day. If you’re a tea lover I highly recommend checking out this company!

And that concludes my December Favorites! I’m looking forward to whatever 2017 may have in store and seeing where my blog goes. Happy new year everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Audrey Knizek