This marks the first post in a new series I’ve decided to call “Which One’s Better” in which I take two similar products from two different companies and decide, you guessed it, which one’s better.

Liquid eyeshadows have become incredibly popular in the past year or two; either that or I’ve just started noticing them. Maybelline took their highly popular color tattoo cream shadows and turned them into a liquid version. e.l.f. has since released their molten liquid eyeshadows as part of their aqua beauty line.


I was so excited to try the Maybelline shadow. The shade I bought is a beautiful bronze / taupe color with bit of sparkle that I was sure was going to look incredible. The color is nice, however the formula is thick and hard to work with. It’s patchy in some places while gloopy in others. Once the shadow is blended out and dried down it looks really nice though. The shadow lasts all day which is a major plus, and there are ten beautiful shades to choose from.

The rundown:

  • Price: $9
  • Formula: Thick and a little hard to work with
  • Pigmented: Initially but then wears after blending
  • Staying power: Lasts all day


Wanting to try another liquid shadow I went for one of e.l.f.’s new Molten Liquid Eyeshadow’s in the shade Molten Bronze. Oh my gosh is the color the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! The formula is packed with water and vitamin E to provide a hydrating effect as well as a super pigmented look. The e.l.f. shadow blends out easier than the Maybelline one and the formula is a bit thinner. The color doesn’t fade or budge, leaving you feeling confident all day long about your eye makeup. The one negative about this product is that there are only six shades available.

The rundown:

  • Price: $4
  • Formula: Thin and manageable
  • Pigmented: Yes!
  • Staying power: Lasts all day


And the winner is!

The Molten Liquid eyeshadow from e.l.f.! The Maybelline one isn’t terrible, and it’s easier to get ahold of than the e.l.f. one (it can only be bought online), but the one from e.l.f. is half the price and so much easier to work with! Despite getting a little less product (.11 oz vs. .09 oz) and having to order the shadow, I think the e.l.f one is definitely the way to go. Let me know in the comments which one you prefer!

Audrey Knizek