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With Love started out as a small hobby, however, it quickly became my passion. I focus on bringing honest product reviews, makeup looks, and lifestyle posts to my audience. I take the time to ensure that each post I put up is fun, informative, and enjoyable to read. I’m not in the business of wasting my readers my time.

Since starting my blog I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with several brands to promote and discuss products that I truly love and enjoy. Some of those companies include Hair Story, Adore Me, and Bluebird Tea Co. I love collaborating with brands and introducing my readers to new and exciting products!

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Currently, I work in digital marketing and advertising, which has helped me to grow my blog and reach new readers. As a relatively new blogger myself, I know how frustrating starting a successful blog can be. One ebook that has helped me so much is the Traffic Transformation Guide written by Lena Gott. The ebook walks you through 21 strategies she used to go from 17K to 400K monthly pageviews. Talk about impressive!

Another tool that has helped me to drive traffic to With Love is Facebook groups! Facebook groups are fantastic for networking, meeting people who blog about the same topics as you, and gaining exposure for your posts! Curious to see exactly how much they improved traffic to my blog? Check out this post here.


A Few Things About Me

  • I love Taylor Swift, from the self-titled album to now
  • I’m a lipstick hoarder and junkie
  • I own way too many pairs of shoes from Target
  • In fact, I own way too many things in general from Target (Target is life ??)
  • I have seen the show Gilmore Girls from start to finish at least five times
  • I believe in supporting women and cheering them on as they do awesome things
  • I prefer a night in over a night out
  • Penguins are my favorite animal
  • My number one goal in life is to own a Corgi named Wilson
  • Donuts are my favorite junk food

Want to stalk me on social media? This is one time I encourage stalking, so go for it! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Want to ask me something specific? Or maybe you want to collaborate! I’d love to hear from you. Head on over to my contact page and send me your questions. I’d also appreciate pictures of your cute animals…

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