I have to admit, I’m one of those people that hates getting rid of makeup unless it’s completely empty. I think part of me likes the thought of a large makeup collection, even if that means part of my collection consists of old, dried up products. I hate seeing my hard earned money go in the trash, however I can’t keep products forever. I finally decided to go through and get rid of any makeup I didn’t like or that was past it’s prime.


  • Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in the shade 0.5
  • Rimmel BB Cream in light/medium (This was really bad. It was oily and patchy and didn’t make my skin look nice at all.)
  • Collection Illuminating Touch foundation in porcelain. I bought this in England and really loved it, however the foundation darkened before I could use it all


So. Many. Mascaras. And I still have four in my collection that I love and use regularly. All of these have dried up which breaks my heart considering four of them are high-end. I really didn’t like the waterproof formula of the Maybelline Falsies mascara as it was so hard to get off. However I love the regular, non waterproof formula a lot.

  • Clinique high impact mascara
  • Urban Decay Perversion mascara
  • Makeup Forever mascara
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express waterproof mascara


These two Clinique eyeshadow pallets were two of the first makeup bits I owned. I started wearing makeup when I was 14 or 15 and now I’m 21. It’s embarrassing how long I’ve kept these, but they have a bit of sentimental value for me. However I never reach for these and it’s time for them to go.


The Starlooks eyeliner was really nice, it’s just dried up at this point. I really don’t like the elf lipstick in the shade Party in the Buff. All their other moisturizing lipsticks are lovely, but this shade was patchy and weird on my lips. The collection concealer is old and almost gone, but I wish I didn’t have to get rid of this one. You can’t buy Collection cosmetics in the U.S. and I really loved this concealer. I can’t remember when I bought the Rimmel eyebrow pencil and that alone is why I’m getting rid of it. It’s old and not even the right shade.

If you’d like a full review of any of these products let me know in the comments below.

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Can you review Rimmel BB Cream in light/medium? I will wait you.

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