In order to get the most out of Pinterest in terms of brand awareness and blog traffic, you need to create click-worthy pins. Click-worthy pins have big, bold text, bright images, and contrasting colors. They’re eye catching and pique people’s interest in your post. Creating a pin for your blog post doesn’t have a big ordeal each time, though. You can create pin templates to save yourself time and build a consistent presence on Pinterest.

Before I get in to how to create templates, let’s discuss the benefits of them.

Pin Templates Create Consistent Branding

Take a moment to scroll through the Pinterest profiles of your favorite bloggers. Do you notice anything? Chances are their own pins look very similar to one another.

Having pins that look similar to one another contributes to creating consistent branding on and off Pinterest. When someone sees your Pin, they should know it’s yours without having to look at your username or logo on the Pin. The style, fonts, colors and images should all scream your brand! 

Templates Save Time

In order to drive the most traffic to your post, and have the best chance of a pin going viral, I recommend creating 3-4 images per post.

Now imagine having to create 3-4 Pins for every blog post you write. This would take ages and be a daunting task, especially if you post multiple times a week!

Enter templates!

Your templates will use the same fonts, colors and background images. All you have to do is add the text and possibly rearrange a few elements to make everything fit. With templates, creating 3 or 4 pins for each post should take 10 minutes max.

What Makes a Good Pin?

Ana from The She Approach talks about the elements of a good pin in her awesome Pinterest eBook.

According to Ana, a pin should have:

  • The right dimensions
  • Tasteful branding
  • Text that is easy to read
  • Perfect copy

In my opinion, the perfect should also have your logo or URL, contrasting colors and bright images. To read more on what makes the perfect pin, check out this blog post!

How to Create Pin Templates

Now that I’ve shared the importance and benefits of templates, let’s talk about how to make them!

Templates can be made using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or a free tool called Canva.

No matter which tool you decide to use, the process described below will be the same.

  1. Start with a blank image with the dimensions 735 x 1102. Canva has a Pinterest template in this size already so you’ll be good to go!
  2. Design your background image. This may be a a stock photo, a photo you take yourself or a solid color. If you use an image, make sure it’s professional, on brand, and high-quality. If you choose to use a solid color, use brighter colors or pastels. No blacks, browns, or dark greys.
  3. Add your text overlay. Your text should be large, be in a contrasting color from your background image, and in a font that’s easy to read.
  4. Add a subheading that describes your blog post a bit more
  5. Add your logo or URL somewhere on the image. Make sure it’s small and doesn’t take away from the main focal point of the pin.

That’s about it! Create 3 or 4 images that you can alter slightly each time and you’ll be all set.

Take a look at some of my pins down below to get some ideas!

Notice how the fonts, colors and background images are all similar. This creates that consistent branding I harped on about earlier.

Pro Tip: I’ve found that if you’re post has a freebie, or the pin leads to an eBook, adding an image of the freebie helps increase re-pins and clicks. You can see this in action in the second and last pins above.

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Not Interested In Creating Your Own Templates?

If, after reading this post, you don’t want to create your own templates I have a treat for you!

You can enter your email down below and I’ll send you three pin templates that you can use over and over again to promote your posts. The templates are psd. files so they must be used in Adobe Photoshop. Below are the templates you’ll receive!




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I’ve never made an actual template for my pins. That’s a great idea. Love the brand consistency. And of course, it just makes everything easier.


Thanks, Audrey. I’m definitely trying this.


This is a great post, I really need to step up my Pinterest game!


I’ve never really thought about creating a template for my pins, but I can see the benefit. It does create consistent branding and recognition. I’m going to try an incorporate it more into my new pins in the future.


That’s awesome girl! I hope you see some success using templates 🙂


Your website i absolutely gorgeous, so I’d definitely take design advice from you! Going to enter my info for the templates. 🙂


Oh my goodness thank you! I hope you enjoy the templates!


Great tips! Canva is an awesome resource 🙂


I’m a lover of using templates for Pinterest too! Like you, I use Canva to create my pins. When time allows, I’ll make two versions for each post to see how they perform on the platform.


That is such a great idea and a TOTAL timesaver! I’m excited to make one right now! Thanks so much!


I think this is a sign that I should create a Pinterest account. Hahah!


Yes absolutely! If you need help feel free to reach out 🙂 I can’t recommend Ana’s eBook enough as well.

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