How often have you started to look for a stock photo and then looked at the time and realized that 45 minutes have gone by? I’ve found myself in that exact situation too many times to count. With so many stock photos of woman eating salads and people standing in awkward poses, it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s also hard to find the time to take all of your own photos. As much as I love photography and the process of shooting and editing my own pictures, sometimes there’s just too many other things to do. At some point I have to step away from my blog and actually clean my bathroom and do laundry…

In my epic search to find quality styled photos, I’ve found some great sites and bloggers that offer quality images. I love that there are so many amazing and creative woman out there that are willing to offer their products for free. Seriously, they’re all major life savors!

Before we get started, if you are in to taking your own photos in between needing a few stock images, you can check out my post on how to improve your photography.

Unsplash Free Stock Photos

1. Unsplash

Unsplash has thousands of free photos available with new ones going up every day. Whether you’re looking for photos of food, landscapes, lifestyle images, or makeup, this site probably has it! The photos are free for commercial use so you never have to worry about how you’re using the images. If you’re in to taking your own photos you can also upload them to Unsplash for people to use!

Pexels free stock photos

2. Pexels

Pexels is the same sort of deal as Unsplash. If I can’t find what I’m looking for on Unplash I’ll head over to Pexels, or vice versa. Sometimes the same photo is on both sites, but for the most part the two sites have different options.

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Free stock photos for bloggers from Wonderfelle

3. Wonderfelle

The photos from Wonderfelle are so gorgeous! They’re perfect for very feminine and girly woman.

Sign up for the email list and you’ll get to download 10 free photos. You’ll also have the chance to purchase a bundle of 60 images for just $13!

4. A Prettier Web

Mel is a WordPress theme provider, and in addition to her beautiful themes she also has beautiful stock photos!

Subscribe to her email list to get 8 sent directly to your inbox.

Free Styled Stock Images Stock Shop

5. Stock Shop by Shay Cochrane

You can get 20 free stock photos when you sign up for the email list and OMG they’re gorgeous!

The images are perfect for creating Pins, promotional images, posting on Instagram, and using as featured images in blog posts.


6. Haute Stock

Haute Stock offers stunning photos that you can access through a quarterly or yearly membership. The photos are girly, chic, and really have that “wow” factor.

You can sign up for the mailing list and instantly receive 2 free photos. You’ll also continue to be sent free photos every month!

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Ivory Mix Free Stock Photos

7. Ivory Mix

I can’t believe a site like this exists! When you sign up for the Ivory Mix mailing list you get access to over 300 free stock photos. Yup, 300! New photos are always being added as well, so even if you download all 300 there will always be more.

Dabbles & Babbles Free Stock Photos

8. Dabbles & Babbles

You can grab 8 free styled desktop photos over on Dabbles & Babbles.

These photos make for great featured images on blog posts and Pins to promote your posts.

Styled Stock Co. Free Photos

9. Styled Stock Co.

I think I’m in love with every single image on this site. No signing up for an email list, just head on over to Styled Stock Co. and download as many images as you want.

If you’re a lover of copper and marble like I am this is the site for you!

10. With Love Stock

I couldn’t write this post without including a little shameless self promotion! I’ll send you five free photos when you sign up for my mailing list below.

If you’re looking for more photos, head over to my stock photography shop!

Do you know of other places to find awesome photos? Let me know in the comments below. You can never have too many pretty images!

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I don’t use stock photos for my blog at all (Team Original Photography haha!), but these is a great resource for sure! We do use stock photos at my day job though and I totally feel you that sometimes it takes forever to find a good one.

xoxo A


great tips! I’ve heard of most of these! I’ll have to look into them some more. I rarely use stock photos any more though, it does make things a lot easier though.


Oh these are awesome! I’ll really have to look into these – I need to either get myself stock photos or make them myself haha!


I’ve never heard of Ivory Mix, need to check it out!



This is such a helpful post!! I’m defnitely going to check out some of these sites!


These are great! I didn’t know about at least 3 of these and I’m always on the hunt for new stock options. Thanks for sharing.


This is a great list! I find myself struggling to find great stock photos…saving these ideas!


I haven’t heard of most of these! Im going to have to check them out. Pinning for later!


This is probably the mist important blog post I have read this month.. As a new lifestyle blogger,I find this very helpful and useful. Thank you for sharing these.


So good to know! I am always looking for stock photos. Pinning this for the future!


I haven’t had the chance to use stock photos but all of these sites are super helpful for future uses. Thanks for introducing.

xo Sheree


An excellent resource. I will be bookmarking this! I’ve tried a few of these, but some I haven’t heard of before. Thanks so much!

Tracy xo


This is such an important post for new blogger like me. Its really hard to get usable stock photos, and having such a large variety of options is just so great. Awesome post. Thank you


So helpful! I always need random stock photos for certain posts!


oh wow these are all so pretty! i had NO idea!


I’ve never used most of these, but I use unsplash for all of my freelance articles – it is SO useful!

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