New Wash Hair Story Review

My hair story is one that could be described as a love hate relationship. I love my natural blonde color, but I hate thin and unmanageable it is. I was born with bright yellow hair that fell in ringlets around my head. As I got older it became slightly wavy, long and very thick. Now, thanks to an unfortunate run with birth control, my hair is thin and oily. I can’t go more than two days without washing it, and it feels like my hair refuses to grow. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck with shoulder length hair the rest of my life.

When I was challenged to use only New Wash, an alternative to shampoo and conditioner, for 30 days, I was excited but skeptical. Taken straight from the company: “New Wash cleanses with a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers, which respect the body’s natural moisture barrier that detergent destroys. It’s paraben-, phthalate- and sulfate-free, but most important it’s detergent-free.”

You read that right, no detergent and plenty of essential oils. It all seems incredibly backwards, and against everything we know, and that’s because IT IS! New Wash is revolutionary in the way it cleanses hair, and it definitely has people talking. Once hair is cleansed with New Wash, the scalp isn’t tricked into producing excess oily. This means your hair becomes less oily and you can go longer in between washes! Yay!

New Wash Hair Story Review

I always try to be 100% honest and candid, so I’ll tell you that for the first two weeks, I strongly disliked this product. My hair felt dirty after every wash, I couldn’t style it how I liked, and my hair was more oily than usual. I was so angry because I had read so many rave reviews about New Wash; I wanted to love it too! However, I stuck to using only this product, determined to experience the magic for myself.

Finally, my scalp and hair adjusted to this cleanser, and I began to understand why I everyone loves it. My hair now feels incredibly light and flowy, and the amount of frizz has decreased drastically. Despite the lack of conditioner, it’s so easy to comb through my hair after getting out of the shower. I also think, with more time, my scalp will continue to produce less oil.

All this praise does not come without a few cons; like I said, I like to be 100% honest. New Wash is expensive, one 8 oz. bottle will cost you $40 USD. You also have to make sure  you get ALL of the product out of your hair before stepping out of the shower. Otherwise, your hair will be oily and feel cruddy. To rinse out all of the product, I have to stand under the water for a good 2-3 minutes scrubbing it out. This is time consuming and a bit of an annoyance. Lastly, you have to use a fair amount of product to coat your hair. However, 30 days in and I’m still not even halfway through the bottle.

New Wash Hair Story Review

So, my overall thoughts? If you have thick, dry hair, I think you will love this product! If you have more thin hair like I do, it might take you some time to warm up to it. However, I think everyone could benefit from a sort of scalp detox. Try something new, and discover what your hair is meant to feel and look like. You might love the results!


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Great post, your view was candid and that’s lovely. i will look out for this product when next i travel to the US.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! As of right now I believe the product is only available online.


Loved your review, your photography is beyond beautiful! Haven’t heard of this brand before but I’ll keep an eye out now! xx
Lots of love,
Marina Rosie xx

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