If you know me you know I am not an avid hiker. Something about the bugs, the possibility of tripping and falling (which is very likely for me), and the lack of bathrooms just doesn’t appeal to me. Luke, however, really likes hiking. This past Wednesday I agreed to go hiking with him, and thus we set off for the Adirondacks.



We chose to hike Tongue Mountains’ Fifth Peak, which is a small section of an 11 mile loop. We only did about five miles of the loop because let’s face it, I would not have survived 11 miles. The hike up the mountain was fun for the most part (I say most part because we did manage to get a little lost, causing us to backtrack) and the views at the top of the mountain were incredibly rewarding. However on the way down the bugs were relentless and the steep incline did not feel nice on our knees or ankles. We were so happy when we finally saw the pavement of the road in front of us, signaling the end of our adventure!


I would like to make hiking something I do more often, as the views from the top are truly something spectacular. I loved the feeling of accomplishment when reaching the peak, knowing that I had just hiked a freaking mountain! If I could just find out what bug spray avid hikers use, I think you’d see me on the mountain much more often!

I also vlogged our hike, which can be seen below!

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I feel the same way. Hiking is one of those activities I wish I could get into but I don’t enjoy the bugs, steep hills, tripping over rocks, etc.

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