I don’t think I’m alone when I say that driving traffic to my posts is my biggest struggle as a blogger. In my opinion, I think my photography and content is high quality. I interact with other bloggers and spend as much time on social media as I can manage. Over the past few months the traffic to my blog has slowly begun to increase, and maybe, just maybe, things are starting to take a turn.

Facebook Groups

One thing I’ve been doing for a while now is sharing my content in Facebook groups. However, what’s changed recently is that I’ve sought out the threads that provide the most bang for their buck and stick to those. I prefer threads where I can share pins, my Instagram profile, or a blog post. In addition, I also look for the threads that require everyone to reciprocate on everyone else’s post.


Because while this may take more time, I know I’ll get feedback on my blog post or gain followers on Instagram. I don’t want to post a link to a thread of 500 others and hope someone clicks on it.

Some of my favorite Facebook groups:

  • Millenial Blogger Network
  • Blogging With Purpose
  • Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

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Interlinking Posts Is The Name Of The Game

One thing I learned from the Traffic Transformation Guide is the importance of interlinking posts. It seems like such an obvious thing to do, and yet I wasn’t doing it.

Interlinking your own posts within another post of yours is a great way to get people to stay on your blog. For example, say a reader has clicked on your post about a makeup look you did for New Year’s Eve. While reading, they see that you’ve also written a review of the foundation you used for the makeup look. They click on that link and bam! That reader is now on your blog for more time and contributing to an increase in page views.

Pretty great, right?

The Traffic Transformation Guide is full of tips to help increase your traffic and page views. It was the first major investment I made in my blog, and I haven’t regretted a thing. Lena Gott goes through 21 strategies she used to go from 17K to 400K monthly pageviews, and let me tell you, the strategies will change your blogging world.

Google + Isn’t Dead

Before I read Traffic Transformation I never used Google +. Quite frankly, I had no idea what it was or that anyone used it at all.

However, one thing I learned is that Google favors its own social media platform. Makes sense, right? When you post a link from your blog on Google + and then search for that topic on Google, you post will most likely show up in the search results. You may need to give it a few minutes, but it will happen!

Once I learned that I immediately went and made an account. Now I make sure to share blog posts there multiple times a week, and I have really seen the results!

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

In November, I got the chance to have two one-on-one Skype sessions with Ana from The She Approach. One thing we discussed in detail during the first session was Pinterest!

One task she gave me to work on was optimizing my profile. Again, this is something I never thought to do.

What makes up a good Pinterest profile?

  1. Use keywords in your name
  2. Use keywords in the “about you” section and include a link to a freebie you offer
  3. Include a bright and inviting photo of yourself

Optimizing your Pinterest Profile

Once your profile is optimized, people are more likely to stumble across it and follow you. The more followers, the more people who see your pins and click on over to your site!

Ana’s book, The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic, includes more tips on how to conquer Pinterest. It also includes additional strategies to build a genuine blog following and drive traffic to your site.

Looking more tips on Pinterest? Check out these ten tips to grow your blog using the platform.

Tweet and Tweet and then Tweet Some More

Another thing Ana told me is that the lifespan of a Tweet is approximately 17 minutes. So, unlike Instagram, you won’t be seeing Tweet’s from Taylor Swift or Ana Kendrick days later.

What does this mean for you?

Tweet more than you think you should.

I expressed my fear of being annoying to Ana and she asked me a question: how many tweets do I see from her a day? I responded with maybe one or two. She then revealed to me that she tweets 10+ times a day! So really, you could probably tweet upwards of 20 times a day and still not be annoying.

My favorite tool for scheduling tweets is Hootsuite. The free plan allows you to schedule up to 30 posts at a time and connect 3 social profiles. You can also set up customized feeds to see the tweets from people you care about. I have a feed of bloggers I follow so I can easily find their content and retweet it.

Since scheduling five tweets a day I’ve noticed more people following me, sharing my content, and clicking over to my blog. I consider that a success!

Growing An Audience Takes Time5 Ways to drive traffic to your blog and build a genuine follwoing.

I know, the struggle is real. Growing an audience and seeing a boost in your traffic may seem like an impossible goal. I used to think this as well. However, since I’ve begun to implement the tips above I’ve really started to notice a difference.

If you’re looking for more ideas and strategies, the following eBooks are where I’ve learned everything I know.

You can also check out my free resource library for more tools and services to help you grow your blog!


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Hey girl hey thanks for the MBN shout-out!!! Growing traffic is definitely a slow and steady process, but you’re off to a great start!

xoxo A


These are all such great tips, I always love learning more about how to better my traffic! Facebook groups are my favorite way!

The Classic Brunette


This is so thorough! Increasing traffic is one of my biggest goals for 2018; I actually did an online workshop last night that really got me excited about implementing some changes. And that’s so true with Twitter; I worried SO much about being annoying by tweeting but have grown and seen more click thrus since I started scheduling out multiple tweets a day.


I’ve been blogging on and off for 5 years, so i completely understamd the frustration of not getting consistent traffic to your blog. I used to use Google+ all the time and it was honestly a game changer. I’m so glad you wrote this because I needed the reminder. Also, FB groups is definitely where’s it’s at. Great advice!


Definitely need to re-think Google+!


These are such great tips! I just requested to join some of the FB groups I wasn’t already a part of, thanks so much for the suggestions!

xo, Taylor (www.tayloramead.com)


Welp, I know where I will be on the future. Google +


I need to check out the traffic transformation guide– thanks for sharing these tips!


Great tips! I really need to be better about interlinking posts!


These are all great tips! I recently stepped up my Pinterest game. Hard to tell if it’s worked yet


Facebook groups are so helpful!! They’ve been a really big traffic driver for me as well as Pinterest. Great work!


Definitely using these tips towards my own blog! Love you right content and how consistent you keep your blog and tips! So glad I got the chance to read this!


What great advice! I’ve just recently started utilizing Google+ and I’m excited for the potential this platform can bring.


Loved your post! I’m implementing all of these to hopefully get my blog where i want it. I totally agree with Facebook groups! For me it’s like homework at night returning all the love lol.


Loved reading all these tips! Definitely going to check out those other Facebook groups and will be updating my Pinterest profile 😊

xoxo, CiCi


These are great tips! I’m going to check out some of these groups.


Congrats on sticking to it & staying consistent!


Great tips and tricks! I’ve been working on this as well.


good to know google+ isn’t dead…might have to swing back and give it another chance, thanks for the tip!


Really great tips! I’ve been blogging for only 6 months and I’ve struggled to get a great hold on how to increase my traffic. I will certainly been using your Twitter tip and re-evaluating my Pinterest profile!


These are amazing tips! I’m looking to change some of the things I do to get more traffic and these are going to come in handy!


Such an interesting article. Driving traffic to blogs is one of the things all bloggers want but only few find the right combination of strategies. Thanks for sharing what’s working for you so we can all benefit from that.


You’re very welcome! Thanks for reading 🙂


Great tips and I’m really glad that a lot of these I haven’t heard before.


These are great tips to boost traffic. Facebook groups and Pinterest are big ones for me


I’ve really focused on Pinterest the last year and saw such amazing results that I didn’t have to rely on all or nothing threads in Facebook Groups! (Although I still do them when I have time!) Best of luck in this new year!


Great post, checking out the Facebook groups now!!


Thank you for sharing some of these blogging groups! Definitely three great choices that I had not heard of before!


Really great tips I love FB groups and I’ve been trying to use more of G+. Increasing followers in social media is my goal this time since my instagram is totally dead.


These are some really good tips. My blog is new so i will definitely try these tips to increase traffic to my blog.


These are such great tips! Google+ is one that I’ve really struggled with because like you mentioned, I didn’t think it really did much. Your explanation of why to use it though makes so much sense! I’m definitely going to add that back into my social strategy going forward. Thanks!


I posted a link today and within an hour I had so many people coming to my blog from Google +. Definitely give it a try!


Thanks for loving MBN! I’m one of the admins so I always love seeing shot outs from people who love it. FB groups have been helpful for me too.


As a new blogger, this is really helpful!


I’m so glad!


Pinning this for reference. One of my goals in 2018 is to increase traffic.

xoxo, Paige

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