I don’t have a massive makeup collection compared to some YouTubers and bloggers however it’s also not small by any means. While doing my makeup the other day I noticed there were a few bits that were quite literally collecting dust. Noticing this, I went through my collection and pulled out other products that I no longer use, are so old I can’t remember when I bought them, or that, in some cases, I haven’t even used other than once or twice.

It’s not a whole lot, but I thought this declutter still deserved it’s own little blog post. I love watching declutter videos on YouTube and hearing why people get rid of the makeup they do. With that said, let’s get into it!


I have a decent amount of eyeshadow palettes, (although I have my eyes on a few more…) and a couple of single shadows that I really love using. The one thing I don’t reach for are these little collections of shadows. Both the Revlon and Covergirl shadows are decent quality, I just don’t use them. This is also one of the situations where I actually can’t remember when I bought any of these…that’s when you know they need to go.


The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is one of those products that is loved by many, including me! However a while back I started using loose powder, and my Stay Matte powder has since been forgotten about. It’s mostly used up anyways and there’s one section of the powder that looks questionable, like it could be growing something…gross!

This NYC double ended liner was a spur of the moment buy a while ago. I thought I was getting a good deal by buying a liner that had two liners in one. The liner is so stiff and hard to work with that the only way I was using it was by warming the liner with a lighter and then gliding it on like a gel. Not worth the effort! There are plenty of other drugstore liners that are much better than this one.

The Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush is just something I never go for. It’s sat in my collection for ages and has only been used a handful of times. It’s best applied with a stippling brush, but even then I could never get it to blend out well.


Rimmel by Kate Moss 111, Teeez Killing Me Softly, Urban Decay Scandal, Covergirl 220 #textme, Rimmel 206 Nude Pink

So many lipsticks and glosses! I love buying lipstick and the container I store my lipsticks in was starting to get a bit full. I pulled out four that I don’t like and now have room to buy more lipsticks I do like!

The Teeez lipstick is a beautiful coral color but the formula is awful. It pulls on your lips and is very thick and patchy. Every time I tried wearing this lipstick I hated how my lips looked.

I’ve had the Covergirl Smoochies lip balm for a while now, and it’s a nice product! I just never use it… It’s a sheer wash of color that’s really moisturizing and comfortable to wear. It’s really good for a minimal makeup kind of day.

The red Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 111 is the first red lipstick I ever bought. I used to love it, but I’ve since found better red lipsticks. The formula of this one is really drying and uncomfortable to wear.

Another Rimmel lipstick I didn’t care for was the shade 206 Nude Pink. It has a very frosty finish which just does not look good on me. The shade is also too light for skin tone in my opinion.

The Ulta lipgloss was one of the worst things I’ve put on my lips in a while. The color is actually very similar to the Rimmel lipstick with the same frosty effect. Just way too unflattering on me.

Another lip gloss that didn’t look good is the Number 7 lip gloss in Blush Coral. It was too peachy for my skin.

Finally, I’m getting rid of my mini Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Scandal. The formula was so thick and sticky that it just felt kind of gross. The color is beautiful though!

I hope you enjoyed reading through my little makeup declutter. It feels good getting rid of products that I never use. I like having a makeup collection that consists entirely of products I love and enjoy using, and these ones just didn’t make the cut!

Thanks for reading,

Audrey Knizek


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really interesting – now I think I might have to declutter my makeup a bit! It would be great if you could check out my blog x


I’m just taking a 5min break of decluttering my bedroom, and I did my makeup collection yesterday! I totally get you, it feels so good. I don’t have a huge makeup collection either, but I also like cleaning it a bit every now and then 🙂


Oh my gosh decluttering my bedroom is one of my favorite things to do! Such a satisfying feeling getting rid of things you no longer want or use.


Yes, and I try to donate most of it. I can literally breathe more easily when I do that. Too much stuff starts suffocating me. Might have something with my dust allergies though :’)

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