May seemed like it flew by for me! I was so busy with finals, graduating college, attending a wedding and an anniversary party, and taking a trip to Canada! Despite how busy I was I still managed to try a handful of new products that I am loving. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about my favorites this month and let me know in the comments what you’ve been enjoying.


I took a trip to Ulta and purchased a few makeup bits, and fortunately I’ve really liked every single one. First up is the NYX baked blush in the shade “Spanish Rose”. Although the blush itself is quite rough to the touch and hard to pick up on a brush, the color payoff is worth it. It is a beautiful shade of pink that is just right for my complexion and the shimmer provides a nice highlight.Also from NYX is their soft matte lip cream in the color “Prague”.  I already owned one of their matte lip creams and I knew I wanted another. The color is so pigmented and stays on, even after drinking lots of water and eating a giant burrito (I know this from personal experience…). Once the lip cream dries down it doesn’t feel like anything is on my lips, which is my kind of lipstick.

I also purchased a Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 08 “Rossetto”. I had seen this lipstick kicking around my Pinterest for a while and I finally remembered to buy. It’s the perfect nude color that really pulls a makeup look together. The Kate Moss lipsticks are always super creamy and last a decent amount of time as well. For $4, you just can’t beat it.

Finally in the makeup department is the Tartelette Tease palette. The palette comes with six shades (from left to right: whisper, crush, heartbreaker, wink, first kiss, and bff), two of which are shimmery and the rest are matte. I found that the darker matte colors can be a bit hard to blend, and there is definitely fall out from these shadows, but despite those two things I still love this little palette. It’s small enough for travel while still providing enough shadows to create so many different looks.


Next up is body! A while ago I spotted the “You Are Amazing” range at Target and was really intrigued. However I wanted to wait to run out of the body wash I was using before I purchased a new one. All the products from this company are paraben free and use minimal ingredients. I could actually ready every ingredient listed. The company also does some great charity work, which you can read about here.

Funny enough though, I didn’t end up liking the body wash/exfoliant I bought. There is just a plain body wash included in this line that I’ll probably end up buying. But this is my favorites, not my dislikes, so the things I do love are the body mist and body lotion. Both have the loveliest coconut scent that lasts all day long. For $4 a piece that is incredible. The lotion is moisturizing without being greasy and is a very thick formula. I definitely want to try the other scents from this line in the future.


Lastly, I have two skin care products. I was debating whether to include the NYX finishing spray with the makeup or with skin care, but I decided on skincare. The reason being is because I have incredibly oily skin, and this setting spray really helped control that. I spray it on in the morning, and by the time I go to take my makeup off there is minimal oil and grease on my face. Now, I also use a matte foundation and a pretty heavy duty setting powder, but I like to think the setting spray has also helped control the oil slick that is my face.

I had been using Simple skin care products for a very long time, but one day I decided that I wasn’t entirely happy with them any more and that I needed something different. St. Ives has a couple of different cleansers, ranging from no exfoliation to heavy exfoliation. I was looking for a cleanser I could use every day, so I went with the one that provides medium exfoliation. I honestly can say that before this cleanser I never noticed if the product I was using was doing any good for my skin. However with this scrub I have really seen a difference. I still get acne, which is really unfortunate,  but I have noticed a huge difference in the tone of my skin. My face used to be really red and blotchy and I feel like that has calmed down a lot. I use this cleanser once a day (sometimes twice if I feel it’s necessary) and I haven’t found it to be drying.

Thank you for reading through my monthly favorites, as I realize it was quite lengthy. Don’t forget to let me know what products you tried during May down in the comments.

Happy June,

Audrey, xoxo


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That body mist looks interesting! We also have the same phone case ??


I love that phone case! Unfortunately it started to peel and crack after I had touched it with sunscreen on my fingers.


Oh no!! Mine has healed up so well, very impressive for a cheap phone case 🙂

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