Sticking with all things Autumn, I wanted to share my favorite lipsticks to wear during the season. I’ve just started to get into the deeper purple colors, but admittedly pinks and reds are still my favorite shades to wear. I still don’t know if the darker colors suit me. Either way, it’s autumn now, a season of change and a season of trying new things! Embracing this change I’ve included a dark color in my favorite lipsticks for fall.

From left to right: e.l.f. matte lip pencil in Berry Sorbet, Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in 08, e.l.f. moisturizing lipstick in Ravishing Rose, Sephora Luster Matte in Fig Luster, and Nyx liquid suede in Vintage. 
  1. img_2577The e.l.f. matte lip pencil in Berry Sorbet wears brighter than it appears in the tube, but it’s still a beautiful berry toned pink. The formula is nice and pigmented and doesn’t appear patchy when applied to the lips. It’s comfortable, non drying, and lasts all day!
  2. img_2583I’ve talked about Rimmel’s lasting finish lipstick in the shade 08 a ton on my blog, as it’s easily in my top 5 favorite lipsticks. It’s such a natural color that pulls any makeup look together. The color lasts all day, feels comfortable on the lips, and incredibly moisturizing.
  3. img_2617Another great color for fall is e.l.f.’s moisturizing lipstick in the shade Ravishing Rose. It’s a deep rose / mauve color, and I feel like it’s another one that really pulls a look together. It looks great paired with a copper eye look, like in the picture above!
  4. img_2608I featured this Sephora luster matte lipstick in my September favorites post last week, and for good reason! It’s such a unique twist on your typical deep berry shades for fall, as this is quite a grey toned purple. Grey sounds scary when you’re talking about it in terms of lips but the color really is flattering and is a bit more subtle than those darker shades. Again, it’s another comfortable shade that is surprisingly non-drying for a matte color.
  5. img_2597Lastly, I had to include a deep shade into the mix for the sake of all things Autumn. This is the NYX liquid suede in the shade Vintage. This lipstick definitely takes some time and work to get it to appear opaque and clean on the lips, but once you get it there it looks fantastic! I did a makeup look using this lipstick if you’d like some more inspiration as to how to wear a dark lip.

Let me know what your favorite lipsticks to wear in the fall are!

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