Hello friends, and happy Friday! A while back I shared a room tour, and if you’ll remember, there was nothing above my bed. I’ve been struggling for a while to find something that would look right above an arched bed frame, and up until now I’d found nothing. I almost put a circular mirror that was my grandmothers in the space, but again, it just didn’t look quite right. Then one day I had an idea for a mini gallery wall!

I love the look of gallery walls and how creative you can be with them. You can stick to one type of frame like I did, or choose random ones. Hang all the same size picture or go with a assortment of different sizes, the choice is yours! If you want to see some truly impressive gallery walls head over to my Pinterest, and don’t forget to give me a follow while you’re over there!

I’m on quite the budget right now, so my gallery wall isn’t nearly as elaborate as I would like it to be, but it’s personal to me and that’s what matters in my opinion. If you have more money to spend, try using different frames and combining pictures with other wall art such as wooden letters, marquee signs, and arrows. I’d like to add more photos over time, but for now I’m happy with the end result.



I purchased all of my frames from Michael’s craft store and spent around $35 total. Michael’s often has coupons so make sure you’re on the lookout for one! Besides the ferris wheel picture and the “find your wild” quote, I designed all the prints myself. I then printed them at home using a typical printer and some photo paper. I’m sure they’d look a little better if I had them professionally printed, but once the photos are in the frames you can hardly notice a difference.


Love this image I took while in Paris!


I hope you enjoyed this look at my gallery wall!


Thanks for reading!

Audrey Knizek


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Looks great!


Thank you!


I love it! I want to do a gallery wall above our bed as well but I want to use my husband and I’s wedding photo’s! I think it would be soo cute! I love your little table by your bed also♥


Thank you! The wedding photos sound like a gorgeous idea ❤


Hi Audrey,
I have nominated you for a Bloggers Recognition Award!
Please follow the link to view the rules of the nomination ♥


Awww that was so sweet! Thank you ?

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