I like to think of myself as a sporadic yogi. I take occasional classes, practiced hot yoga for a few sweaty months, and pop on the occasional yoga video when I feel like stretching at home. I’m a sucker for the cute clothing for yoga and I love the idea of maybe, someday, being able to do a handstand. I’ve always enjoyed yoga but I never really explored my practice on a deeper level. I honestly used to think that a lot of the spiritual factors that come along with yoga were a bit bizarre, and even made me feel uncomfortable at times. However lately I’ve found my ideas and thoughts surrounding yoga changing and evolving.

I recently went on a following spree on Instagram, following so many strong women that are incredible at yoga. Most of the women include inspiring messages along with the pictures and videos they post, and I’ve found myself reading a lot of them. Most of their messages are simply about taking time for yourself, to explore your body, mind, and life on your own time, and the importance of slowing down. I love scrolling through my feed and reading these little reminders from such inspiring women.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to practice yoga more often. I go to a yoga class that’s offered on my campus once a week, and then I take my own time to practice several other times during the week. I love the way yoga makes me feel. I feel strong and capable when taking a class, and I love the challenge that a new pose brings. Seeing and feeling the progress I’ve made with my practice makes me excited to continue with this journey. I often find that one of the most challenging things about yoga is just remembering to breathe. It can be easy to focus all of my attention on perfecting a pose, when the breath is just as important as the stretch and posture.

This month @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga are hosting the #mayibeginyoga2016 challenge, and I’ve decided to participate! It will be a challenge in itself just to find time to get on my mat every day, but I’m looking forward to it! I know I have a long ways to go in a never ending yoga journey, but I can’t to see where I am just at the end of this month. IMG_0662

Namaste yogis!


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Rosemary and I are sitting by the pool reading yoga magazines saying we wished we did yoga more… Then I read this, very inspiring!


And you do yoga?! OMG let’s be friends!!


I love yoga! And I love new friends 🙂

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