In the past month or two my skin has gone from oily to dry / combination. I had gotten so used to having oily skin that when I started noticing dry patches on my nose and around my eyes I was ill equipped to handle the issue. I immediately ran to Target and searched the skin care aisles for some sort of hydrating mask. I had heard of Nügg before and thought I’d try out their deep hydration face mask.

The mask is infused with camellia seed oil and spirulina extract to hydrate and moisturize the face. Camellia oil is extracted from a tea plant and has numerous health benefits, both internal (if you use it for cooking) and external. As well as moisturizing, camellia oil has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties, and is an antioxidant. However if you have acne you may want to avoid any product with this oil as it’s uncertain whether camellia oil is comedogenic or not. Not noted on the package, this mask also has aloe juice, another incredibly moisturizing and brightening ingredient.

I initially thought each pod only had enough product for one use (at least that’s how it’s advertised). I bought three of these masks in a packaged deal for $11, and I thought that seemed like a lot of money for three masks. However there is definitely enough product in each pod for two uses. That made me feel a bit better about the $11 price tag. The little pods are great for keeping the mask fresh and are convenient for throwing in your bag when you’re traveling.

The texture of the mask is gel like and feels very cooling when applied to the face. There’s a light scent, but nothing too overwhelming. As it’s a hydrating mask, the mask does not dry up once it’s on your face; it stays the gel like texture the entire time. Once the mask has been on for twenty minutes I wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. My face feels so soft afterwards and it even looks a bit brighter. The next day my makeup goes on smoother and the dry patches on my nose are gone!

I would highly recommend picking up this mask and giving it a go if you struggle with dry, dull skin. 94% of the ingredients are natural and the product is not tested on animals! It’s hard to find something wrong with this mask.


Thanks for reading!

Audrey Knizek


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