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Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic to my blog – it makes up more than 80% of my traffic every month! That’s why I’m so shocked when I hear some bloggers say that they aren’t on Pinterest or they aren’t sure how it works.

Pinterest can be an amazing source of traffic for any type of blogger. Here are my top tips for using Pinterest to grow your blog!

1. Switch to Pinterest for Business

If you don’t already have a business account on Pinterest, switching to one only takes a few minutes! Having a Pinterest for Business account is essential because it will allow you to track your analytics. Pinterest Analytics extremely important for seeing which of your pins are doing well and driving traffic to your blog, and which ones aren’t doing so great!

2. Enable Rich Pins

People are more likely to click on Rich Pins than regular pins. What’s the difference? Rich Pins show the name of your blog, the title of your post in bold, your website’s favicon, and some descriptive text from your blog.

It makes your post more noticeable and professional, compared to a regular pin description.

To set up Rich Pins, you’ll need a Pinterest for Business account. Then all you have to do is add a snippet of code to your blog. Click here to get started with Rich Pins!

3. Create eye-catching Pinterest graphics.

A huge mistake that a lot of bloggers make is not creating Pinterest-ready graphics for their blog posts. Without them, you probably won’t see much traffic to your blog from Pinterest!

Tall, vertical images with a text overlay usually do best on Pinterest and get the most clicks. I use the free graphic design software Canva to make all of my Pinterest graphics. If you are graphic design challenged like I am, they have plenty of free templates you can use!

4. Create multiple graphics per post.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of creating Pinterest graphics for your posts, try to create more than one per post! I try to make two or even three different versions of a pin for each of my blog posts.

Try out different photos, colors, font combinations, headlines, etc. The benefit of having multiple Pinterest graphics for one post is that one graphic may “take off” and drive a ton of traffic to your blog. You can check your Pinterest Analytics to see which style of pins are performing best for you.

5. Make a “Best of (Your Blog)” board

Create a board on Pinterest called Best of (Your Blog). This is where you can pin all of your blog posts so you can find them in one place!

Having this board will also allow visitors to your profile to check out all of your blog posts. I recommend pinning this board to the top of your profile using the “Pinterest Showcase” feature. (Only available with Pinterest for Business accounts!)

6. Create 10-20 other relevant boards

Once you have a board for your own blog posts, you should create 10-20 other boards centering around topics relevant to your blog. For example, if you’re a travel blogger, you might have boards on Best Destinations, Travel Tips, Packing Guides, Travel Bucket List, etc.

With these boards, you can pin content from other Pinterest users as well as relevant content from your “Best of” blog board.

Try not to have too many “off topic” boards on your blog’s Pinterest account! For example, if someone follows you for your travel blog, they may not be interested in seeing pins about recipes or craft ideas. If you want to pin things that are off topic, consider creating secret boards or using a separate, personal Pinterest account!

7. Optimize your account for SEO

You may already know about SEO (search engine optimization) as a blogger. But SEO is necessary on Pinterest too! This is because Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform, it’s a visual search engine.

People use the search bar on Pinterest to search for something specific more often than they scroll through their Pinterest feed. For instance, you might search for “healthy gluten-free recipes” or “easy Christmas decorating ideas” in the Pinterest search bar.

In order to increase the chances of your pins showing up at the top of Pinterest search results, optimize your content for SEO. One way to do this is by writing keyword-rich descriptions for all of your pins. You can use the search bar to find common search terms and related searches.

For example, searching “drugstore makeup dupes” brings up some related keywords you can use:

Another way to optimize your account for SEO is by editing all of your board descriptions to contain relevant keywords. You can also edit your Pinterest name and bio to contain keywords relevant to your blog.

All of these things will help your Pinterest account, boards, and pins show up higher and more frequently in Pinterest search results!

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8. Join group boards!

Group boards are my #1 secret to getting a ton of traffic from Pinterest! Group boards are just like regular Pinterest boards, except they have multiple contributors.

It can be hard to find group boards, so I put together a free list of 300 group boards for bloggers to help you out!

Just enter your deets below and I’ll send it your way!

Once you have joined some group boards, you can start pinning your content from your “Best of” board to them. Pinning to group boards allows your content to be seen by a much larger audience than just your own followers, which means more traffic to your posts!

9. Stay active on Pinterest

There is really no set amount of times per day that you should be pinning. Some bloggers have success pinning 30 times per day, while others pin 100 times per day! The most important thing is to stay active on Pinterest and pin every day.

I have personally found that pinning about 60 pins per day works best for me. I pin 20% content from others, and 80% my own content. I pin my own content to my relevant boards and the group boards I’m a part of!

10. Don’t worry about followers

Don’t get caught up with how many Pinterest followers you have! Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform.

I have noticed that some of my pins that take off and drive a ton of traffic to my blog were re-pinned by users with less than 50 followers. Yet something about them pinning my pin caused it to go viral on Pinterest.

If you focus on optimizing your content for Pinterest SEO and stay active on Pinterest, the followers will come. But you can easily drive thousands of page views per month to your blog even with a small account!

I hope these Pinterest tips were helpful to you! When used correctly, Pinterest can be an extremely valuable tool for growing your blog!

Coco is the creator of Blog Darling, where she blogs about blogging tips and monetization strategies. In her free time when she’s not blogging, you can find her traveling and reading. Some of her favorite things in the world are Paris, cold weather, the movie Clueless, and Diet Coke!

Looking to boost traffic to your blog and build an engaged audience? Use these ten tips and learn how to grow your blog with Pinterest. #blog #blogtraffic


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This is one of the most simple and straight forward guides I’ve seen on this topic thus far! I definitely need to sit down and set up rich pins this weekend!!!


I’m really trying to get better at Pinterest so this post came at the right time! I’m thinking of trying Tailwind. Do you use it?


Group boards have helped me so much!


In the last year Pinterest has brought a lot more traffic to my blog which is exciting! I need to continue to up it in 2018 though!!! Wonderful tips girl.

xoxo A


love this list!! i do almost everything except rich pins, but only because i’ve been too lazy to set it up haha it’s one of the many things i still have to set up for sure xD


staying active on pinterest is def important. I find myself veering away from it a lot. It can also be discouraging if you don’t have a lot of followers but you are right, you just have to keep with it.


these are great tips! Pinterest is literally my favoriteeee! It truly is a bloggers paradise!


Such great tips! Pinterest has been absolutely amazing for my blog traffic, and all of your tips are key!


These are all such great tips! I definitely have to get better at making graphics!

The Classic Brunette


This is the best Pinterest starter list i’ve seen. Thanks for sharing!


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Awesome tips! I’ve only been blogging for a month and I had no idea how important Pinterest could be. Thank you!


I’ve been putting more of a focus on my Pinterest content to help drive more blog traffic and it has made such a huge difference! My pins have been performing so much better— but there’s still so much work to do. Definitely bookmarking this post so I can refer to it later.


These are great tips! I have read so many posts about the importance of traffic from Pinterest, so I will definitely be putting more effort into Pinterest this month to drive more traffic to my blog.


What are the best group boards you’ve found?
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Bloggers Supporting Bloggers and Blog Connected Group are two great group boards!


Really Such a great post about pinterest..love this post

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