I’ve been talking a lot recently about saving money when it comes to makeup. I recently posted my guide to what makeup you should buy from the drugstore and what you should buy high-end. I also shared over 30 dupes for high-end products! If you’re not sick of the topic yet, and you want to learn how to save money while shopping at Sephora, keep reading!

As magical as Sephora is, the store also has the ability to eat your money. A blush, eyeliner and mascara could easily cost you $100. Every time I go in there I have to set a budget for myself otherwise I will easily spend way. too. much.

A visual representation of what it’s like to go to Sephora

Don’t worry though! There are some great tips and tricks to score awesome products while not burning a hole through your wallet.

Get Those Free Samples!

You can take home up to three samples of any product each time you visit Sephora. Stock up on that expensive serum you’ve been wanting to try or the latest and greatest foundation. With samples you’ll also save a ton of money if you don’t like the product. Sure, Sephora has a great return policy but how likely are you to actually return something? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Follow Sephora on Facebook

Be the first to know about sales, giveaways and fun events by liking them on Facebook. As a bonus you’ll also be the first to know about product launches. Perfect for us beauty junkies.

Shop Online Using Ebates

When I first heard about Ebates I was so skeptical. A site that pays you to shop?! Sounds too good to be true.

Well it is true! After signing up all you have to do is install an extension to whatever browser you use. Every time you visit a website the Ebates extension will alert you of the percent cash back you can get when you make a purchase!

Sephora is always 4% cash back but often times will be even higher! I’ve seen it as high as 12%. That’s $12 back if you spend $100 (in case you can’t do the math 😂). Ebates will send you a check either in the mail or through Paypal four times a year. And yes, you actually get all the money they say you will.

You can sign up using my link and get $10 back when you spend $25!

How to Save Money Shopping At Sephora

Visit During Your Birthday Month

Sephora’s rewards program is pretty awesome. In addition to earning points with every purchase, you also get a free gift for your birthday! You don’t even have to make a purchase to claim the free gift, just walk into the store, hand them your Beauty Insider card so they can look up your birthday, and they’ll give you your gift.

One year I received two Nars Velvet Matte lipsticks. Last year I got a Tarte lip paint and an Amazonian Clay Blush, both of which I love!

Pick Up Some Value Sets

Value sets are just that, a great value! Just last week I picked up this awesome kit from Olehenriksen for $25. It’s valued at $39 and the products inside aren’t dinky either. They’ll actually last me long enough to see a difference in my skin. 

Value sets are also a really great way to try a product that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily think to go for. The whole reason I bought the Olehenriksen kit is because I need a new bottle of the Truth Serum but didn’t feel like spending $42. For $25 I got what I needed and two other products that I never thought to try!

Check Out The Beauty Deals

Sephora has an awesome page on their site called Beauty Deals. The page is full of sale items, coupons, promo codes for free products and more! 

Sephora Beauty Deals

Wait For The Semi-Annual Sale

The Sephora VIB sale happens every April and November and let me tell you, it is an event. In the weeks leading up the sale you can watch YouTube videos and read blog posts all about what to buy during the sale. You can score 10-15% off your purchase and make as many purchases as you want during the sale. 

Join Honey

Honey is another site that rewards you for shopping. Once you install the extension Honey will alert you of every coupon code available when you checkout. It also will apply them for you so you don’t have to waste time typing in a bunch of promo codes. 

Honey also gives you points for shopping. Earn enough points and you can redeem them for gift cards. 

Another feature I love is the Droplist. You can add items that you want to purchase to your list and Honey will alert you when they’re on sale. Unfortunately items from Sephora can’t be added to the Droplist right now, but the feature is still new. More stores will be added soon!

Click here to join Honey now!

So there you have it, eight great ways to save when you shop at Sephora! We all love to treat ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we should have to spend an arm and a leg to do so! So here’s to all you coupon clippers and clearance shoppers, may you find the best deal possible.

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I always go into Sephora and come out spending WAY more money then I expected too. These are some great tips. Thanks!


Elizabeth Keene



Loved this! Super helpful, I’ve heard of Honey before, but never tried it! Thanks for the tips x


This was super helpful! I am definitely going to be looking into Honey and Ebates now. Thanks! 🙂


Great post! I honestly don’t buy that much makeup, but I have always wondered how people can purchase so much makeup at Sephora. I think these are awesome tips – I might have to put them to use real soon! 🙂
-Jenna <3
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