If you’re reading this post, I can only assume that you’ve set up a killer Pinterest profile and optimized your account. Maybe you’ve even started to design and post your own Pinterest pins. You’ve also probably discovered that pinning can take up a lot of time. 

There’s an ongoing debate about which is better, manual or scheduled pinning, and I am a firm believer in scheduling pins. I mean, duh, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. I don’t have anything against pinning manually, I simply don’t have time for it with working a 9-5 job.

Enter Tailwind, the ultimate, and only Pinterest approved scheduling tool.

Before we get into Tailwind though, let’s talk about the benefits of scheduling pins.

Why You Should Be Scheduling Pinterest Pins

Picture this, it’s Saturday morning, you’re lounging on the couch with some coffee and your show of choice (mine would be Gilmore Girls) and all of a sudden you remember that you need to pin your daily 30-50 pins. All of a sudden your Saturday morning got a lot more stressful.

Scheduling pins takes away the stress while still driving traffic to your blog day after day. I’d much rather spend an hour scheduling pins than going on the platform every day to pin 30-50 things. 

I’m sure you feel the same!

If you’re concerned that Pinterest will penalize you for scheduling, don’t worry! Tailwind is the only Pinterest approved platform so you’re good to go. 

How To Use Tailwind To Schedule Pins

So now that we’ve gone over why you should schedule pins, let’s talk about how to schedule Pinterest pins!

After creating a Tailwind account, you’ll want to install the Tailwind extension. The extension is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox so you’ve got options!

How to schedule pinterest pins with tailwind

After you’ve installed the extension, hover over the megaphone symbol on the left hand side and click on “Your Schedule”.

Here is where you’ll determine how many times a day you’ll schedule pins and at time. Tailwind will provide time slots for you and you can also create your own. The recommended number of times to pin a day is 25-50. Start on the lower side if 50 seems like too much and work your way up. 

What’s awesome about the schedule Tailwind provides is that the times are chosen based off of when people are active on Pinterest.

This means that all of your pins go out when people are most likely to click on them, save them and interact with them!

creating a pin schedule on Tailwind

Once you’ve created your schedule you can head over to Pinterest and start scrolling through your feed. Once you find something you want to schedule, you have one of two options.

  1. Hover over the image and click on the blue Tailwind symbol that appears at the bottom of the photo
  2. Click on the extension in your browser bar 

Going with option one will allow you to schedule that pin right away. After clicking on the Tailwind symbol you’ll be brought to a screen where you can schedule the pin to any of your boards. You’ll also be able to choose the time you want the pin to post.

How to schedule pinterest pins with tailwind

Clicking on the extension speeds up the process a little bit. By clicking on the extension you’re able to select multiple pins to save before scheduling them all to your different boards. I recommend using this method! 

how to use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest pins
What it looks like scheduling pins by clicking on the extension first.

Once you’ve gone through your feed, personal Pinterest boards and group boards, you can view what you’ve scheduled over on Tailwind.

Hover over the megaphone symbol on the left hand side and then click on scheduled pins. From there you can do a multitude of things:

  1. Delete pins
  2. Change the time a pin is scheduled to be posted
  3. Rearrange the schedule
  4. Pin a scheduled pin now

You’re also able to see when your queue is empty. By looking at this you’re able to plan the next time that you have to sit down and schedule pins.

So Is That It?

That’s it! Scheduling pins is as easy as signing up for Tailwind, installing an extension, and pinning as you normally would. Once every few weeks I sit down for about an hour and schedule out a bunch of pins. This frees up more time for me to read eBooks, write emails and blog posts, or just relax!

If you want to learn more about growing your blog with Pinterest I highly recommend checking out this awesome eBook by Ana from The She Approach. In the 170+ page you’ll learn how to gain 100s of Pinterest followers in addition to thousands of pageviews from Pinterest. You also get $50 worth of bonuses including free video trainings.

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