If you’re beauty and makeup obsessed like I am (I have no shame) then you know that the Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner is loved by many. The product has a cult following and a lot of people won’t use anything else! While I can’t say I’m that loyal to this product, I do reach for it frequently. One of the downsides of this product, however, is that it’s $22.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

One of my favorite YouTubes, Jessica Braun, has talked about the NYX Epic Ink liner on her channel several times recently. At one point she mentioned it was a dupe for the Stila eyeliner and my ears perked up! Could it be true? Could there really be a dupe for the eyeliner so many people swear by?

I had to find out for myself.

There was one problem, though. Every time I went to CVS or Target, the NYX liner was sold out. It seems like other people have caught on and are buying the product up. Finally, while in Ulta a few weeks ago, I found the last Epic Ink linker hidden at the back of a shelf. Score!

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So, is the NYX liner truly a dupe?

In some ways yes, but in some ways no. Let’s talk about the Stila liner first.

As mentioned earlier, the Stila liner is $22 for 0.5 mL. The liner is so black and dries almost instantly to a matte finish. The felt tip is long enough to easily do a wing and thin enough to draw a very precise line. The formula is also waterproof, meaning this liner isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! There’s no bleeding, smudging or skipping.

One thing I have noticed with this product is at it gets older the felt tip starts to fray. This makes drawing a precise line a bit more difficult. However, you can pull off the bits that are fraying and get the tip (almost) back to how it was.

NYX Epic Ink Liquid Eyeliner

The Epic Ink Liner costs $7.99 for 0.88 mL of product, so you actually get more with this one. There are a lot of similarities between this liner and the Stila one. The NYX liner is waterproof, has a thin felt tip and dries quickly! However, I have a few issues with this product.

The formula is very thin in my opinion, which makes drawing a wing messy and difficult to do. Drawing a line across the lid isn’t an issue though, so that’s a plus! I also think the length of the felt tip makes using the liner more difficult than the Stila one. I wouldn’t recommend the Epic Ink liner to anyone who is just starting out.

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My Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a black liner that will stay in place and you’re confident in your abilities than I would say try out the NYX liner. It’s not terrible, and if I just want a thin line across my lid I’ll definitely reach for it. However, when it comes to doing a wing, I have to say that Stila is still the best.

Keep in mind that we all have our own preferences as well. Just because I don’t like the length of the NYX felt tip as much as the Stila one, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way. Makeup is all about trying products and seeing what works for you!


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Thanks for the review! Always looking for liquid liners for creating an easy wing. I haven’t tried the Stila one though as I usually go for brush liquid liners but will have to try it when my bank account allows šŸ˜‰


I haven’t tried either of these, BUT I do love using blank ink eyeliners!! My current fav is by L’Oreal and it’s in between these two in price. šŸ™‚

xoxo A


ohh i haven’t tried either of these!! I actually don’t wear eye liner that often but I think I need to! I love how pretty it makes peoples eyes look!


I haven’t tries Stila products but I love NYX which I do love using them.


Iā€™m such a makeup snob and I love the Stila one! I might have to try out the NYX one though next time Iā€™m on a budget.


I have used both and I love them equally the same.


I was actually wondering about these two compared! I love the Stila liner, but like you said, it’s on the expensive side! Might have to try the NYX one!

The Classic Brunette


I’m not very good with liquid liner so I probably wouldn’t do well with either of these haha but they look great.


I rarely wear eye linter but totally want to start this year! I could never see myself spending $22 on it so I’m loving that there are great dupes out there.

-xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com


I’m always looking for a good eyeliner option- as I don’t totally love the one I currently use. I don’t even remember where I got it from! Thank you for this!



thanks so much for sharing your opinions on both! i love stila, but on my oily eyelids it’s a real pain haha gotta try more drugstore ones šŸ™‚


I haven’t tried these two products.


This is so helpful, I’m looking for a new eye-liner!


I never wear eyeliner because I can’t get the lines to look right on my eyes! This sounds like a great product though!


Honestly, my favorite dupe for high end liquid liners is the Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Liner + Serum! Quite the mouthful, but I can get such a precise line and wing with it and it’s my absolute favorite!


I rarely use eyeliner these days, but it’s so appealing after reading this!


Thanks for the recommendation. I have been wanting to find the perfect liner for a wing look for sometime now


I absolutely love that Stilla liner! I recently found a “dupe” on amazon – Clio – for super cheap. While I didn’t find that it was a runny as the NYX liner, it definitely isn’t as smudge-proof as the Stilla. BUT, for getting so cheap it’s almost worth it!


Hm this is good to know! I’ve never tried the Stila liner but I’ve heard lots of good things about it from YouTube! I usually use brown eyeliner though since I’m fair skinned, but for a night out I do enjoy a good black wing šŸ˜‰ xo, Brittany | http://www.theblistblog.com

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