I absolutely love this time of year. I was just having a conversation with my boyfriend Luke the other day, and he was commenting on how he really doesn’t like how it gets dark so early where we live (the sun set at 4:22 PM today). I told him I loved it due to how cozy it makes everything feel. It’s acceptable to curl up by the fire in pajamas with a good book by 7 in the evening and not feel guilty for not doing something more important (though I probably should be…). Winter candle scents are the best out of the four seasons, Chili is the perfect meal to have on a cold winter night, and there are endless Christmas programs on the television.

I especially love Christmas because of the decorations! When I go into Target, Marshalls, or any other home goods shop that has a Christmas decoration section, I have to look even if I don’t need anything. I feel like there are endless possibilities as to how to decorate for Christmas; classic and elegant, rustic, bright and fun, the list goes on and on. This is the first year I’ve really decorated by bedroom for Christmas and I ended up going with a copper and silver theme to match the existing decor of my room. I still live with my parents, so the rest of the house is there’s to decorate, but my room is my own space that I can design however I’d like.

Along with copper and silver, I’ve ended up with so many fairy lights and candles that I don’t quite know what to do with myself. My room is the definition of cozy and I’m so incredibly happy with it. I know come January I’ll be sad to take everything down and put away until next year. The only downside to so many lights and candles is having to turn them off and blow them out before I go to bed.

All decorations are from Target, Marshalls, or Michaels craft store. I’ll link what I can in the captions!

Tea Light holder (similar) 





White Stars (Similar) Copper Stars




I made the garland with items from the dollar store and Target!



Thanks for reading and happy holidays!