Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to share this post with you as it’s something I’ve been looking forward to putting together for a while. I redid my entire room over the summer, from painting the walls to sanding down and repainting all of my furniture (minus the bed). I love clean and relaxing look so I have lots of fairy lights and went with a grey and white color scheme with pops of blush pink. I’ve included links to lots of items you’ll see in the pictures, and I found similar items for pieces that aren’t available anymore.

Lights  • Blanket (similar) Bed Frame

My bed is my favorite part of my room and I’ve made it as comfortable as possible. One thing I would highly recommend investing in, especially during the colder months, is a set of flannel sheets. Mine are from Target and surprisingly soft for only spending $25. The string lights provide enough light that I use them in lieu of a bedside lamp; they also provide such a cozy feel at night! The chair was my grandmothers and gives the room an eclectic feel.

Grey Pillow (similar) • Sheets
Table (Similar)
Record Player

I got a record player for Christmas two years ago and my record collection is slowly (and I mean snail’s pace, people) growing. I love records because they force you to pay attention to the music; you can’t just let a record play in the background and forget about it. The record player I have is by no means high end, and it could use some better speakers, but it gets the job done and I really do enjoy it.


Another favorite part of my room is my bookshelf. I love reading and buying books, as there’s something about owning a large collection of books that just makes me really happy. I bought the copper star lights in England but it turns out that Urban Outfitters sells them as well! I think they’re co cute and love the touch of copper against the white bookshelf.



I don’t like too many knick knacks, as I think it makes a space look cluttered and unorganized. The things on my shelves are strategic and I really like how everything comes together.

Marquee Letter




I hope you enjoyed my little room tour! I had so much fun taking and editing this pictures. Have a good weekend everyone.