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I’m honestly starting to feel like Spring is a myth; a figment of my imagination that will never come to fruition. The date is March 31, and there is still snow on the ground. Every time the snow melts mother nature decides we need more and gives us a few more inches. I’m so sick of it. At this rate we’re going to have snow in July. If anyone wants to take me on an all expenses paid trip to a tropical island, I would really appreciate it.  Keep Reading!

MAC e.l.f. highlighter

Soft & Gentle, as the man at the MAC counter told me, is the OG highlighter. Before highlighting was even really a thing, MAC had their mineralized skin finishes and was all over the soon to be trend. Naturally, dupes for such a cult classic were bound to come along; one of which is made by e.l.f. cosmetics. Blush Gems might even be mistaken as a travel size version of Soft & Gentle, it looks so similar. Do the similarities go beyond just the appearance, though? I put the two head to head to see which one is better and if MAC is still the go to for highlighters!

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Eyeshadow palettes are really having their moment right now, so much so that it feels like a new one comes out every day. While it’s great to have so many options and palettes to play with, a lot of great palettes in the market end up getting lost amongst the hype of the next latest and greatest. I was inspired by Catflicks & Matte Lips and one of her latest posts (check out her blog because it’s amazing) and I decided to go through my makeup collection and see what I haven’t been using a lot recently.

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Tarte eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner is a staple in many people’s makeup collection. There are hundreds of options out there and it’s hard to sort out the good from the bad. The drugstore has some really good options (looking at you Maybelline Line Stiletto eyeliner) but I feel as if high end makeup brands covet the truly impressive liquid liners.

Tarte eyeliner

I initially headed to Sephora with two eyeliners in mind; the Stila Stay All Day liner and the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. The Stila liner was not available to swatch which was disappointing but I did get to swatch the Kat Von D one. It was impressive, don’t get me wrong, but while I was swatching it, this little Tarte Micro Liner caught my eye.

The So Fine Micro Liner is part of Tarte’s recent Rainforest of the Sea line. It’s incredibly black, waterproof, and vegan friendly! I haven’t tested the waterproof capabilities but the liner does last all day! Doing a winged liner still takes me ages so when I’m trying to do my makeup quickly I’ll just draw on a thin line and be done with it. The tiny tip makes doing so incredibly easy and fast. The formula glides on no problem and dries down to an almost matte finish.

Tarte eyeliner

The So Fine Micro Liner retails for $22 and you get .0169 fl oz. of product. I just bought the liner so I don’t know how long it will last before it dries up, but I’m hoping it will last a while. Another plus of this liner is its packaging! I love the gold and black paired with the blue and purple cap; so cute!

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What’s your favorite black eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!

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