Milani Lipsticks

I’ve been crushing on some new lipsticks recently, and I knew I had to write up a post and share my find with my readers! I haven’t heard too many people talk about Milani lipsticks, but I’ve heard great things about the brand overall. I’ve been wanting to try more Milani products as everything looks so beautiful, and the prices can’t be beat, especially if you use coupons at the drugstore. Next to eyeshadow, lipstick is my favorite product to buy, so naturally I gravitated towards to Milani lipsticks as the next thing to try from the brand.

Milani Lipsticks

I picked up two shades; Blushing Beauty and Matte Blissful. Blushing Beauty is a gorgeous, semi-matte, bright coral shade. Matte Blissful is a purple toned mauve shade with a matte finish. Between the two, I like Blushing Beauty just a bit more than Matte Blissful. The semi-matte finish is stunning, as is the particular shade against my fair skin. I also like that, depending on the look you’re going for, you can achieve a very bright look with this lipstick or you can tone it down quite a bit by blotting it with a tissue. Both lipsticks smell sweet like vanilla, which I like a lot!

Milani Lipsticks

I’m going to be honest, when I first tried out Matte Blissful I was not impressed. It bunched and pulled, leaving my lips looking less than awesome. The color was pretty, but I thought the formula was bad. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I tried it again the next day, except I made sure to exfoliate my lips beforehand. What a difference that made! The formula is so comfortable and opaque, and the lipstick lasts all day. I was highly impressed the second time around. I still prefer liquid matte lipsticks over a traditional lipstick in a tube, but I do really enjoy the Milani one.

Milani Lipsticks
Matte Blissful (left) Blushing Beauty (right)


The Milani Lipsticks retail for $6 and can be found at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and on Milani’s website. I’m eager to try more shades of lipstick and more products from Milani, as I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tried so far. What’s your favorite Milani product? Let me know in the comments below!


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NYX has become one of my favorite makeup brands recently. They’re affordable and easily accessible but still feel and look high end. One of my favorite products from them is their soft matte lip creams. This matte liquid lipstick is so comfortable on the lips and lasts a long time. I could eat a bagel and then look in the mirror to see that the lipstick is still on my lips. The formula is creamy and velvety and they go on so smoothly. The one thing I will say about these lipsticks is that they take about 5-10 minutes to completely dry. Once they’re dry though, they’re not going anywhere. I also tend to forget I’m wearing lipstick when I have one of these on as they’re that natural feeling.

From left to right: Istanbul, Prague, Antwerp, and Sydney

I love that every shade is named after a different city; I think it’s a cute touch. I really want to purchase the shades London and Paris as both of those cities hold a special place in my heart. The lip creams can be purchased from Ulta, Target, and CVS for $6-7 or from for $6.

What shades of the lip creams do you love, or want to purchase?

Thanks for reading!