Makeup is expensive. There is no way around this painful fact. Beauty is pain, and apparently beauty is also money. Foundation can cost you $50, mascara,  which you throw out in 3-4 months, is $25, and a setting powder can run you upwards of $60 in some cases. Hell, even with mostly drugstore products, my full face of makeup still cost me $215!

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Tarte Tease Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are really having their moment right now, so much so that it feels like a new one comes out every day. While it’s great to have so many options and palettes to play with, a lot of great palettes in the market end up getting lost amongst the hype of the next latest and greatest. I was inspired by Catflicks & Matte Lips and one of her latest posts (check out her blog because it’s amazing) and I decided to go through my makeup collection and see what I haven’t been using a lot recently.

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Tarte eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner is a staple in many people’s makeup collection. There are hundreds of options out there and it’s hard to sort out the good from the bad. The drugstore has some really good options (looking at you Maybelline Line Stiletto eyeliner) but I feel as if high end makeup brands covet the truly impressive liquid liners.

Tarte eyeliner

I initially headed to Sephora with two eyeliners in mind; the Stila Stay All Day liner and the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. The Stila liner was not available to swatch which was disappointing but I did get to swatch the Kat Von D one. It was impressive, don’t get me wrong, but while I was swatching it, this little Tarte Micro Liner caught my eye.

The So Fine Micro Liner is part of Tarte’s recent Rainforest of the Sea line. It’s incredibly black, waterproof, and vegan friendly! I haven’t tested the waterproof capabilities but the liner does last all day! Doing a winged liner still takes me ages so when I’m trying to do my makeup quickly I’ll just draw on a thin line and be done with it. The tiny tip makes doing so incredibly easy and fast. The formula glides on no problem and dries down to an almost matte finish.

Tarte eyeliner

The So Fine Micro Liner retails for $22 and you get .0169 fl oz. of product. I just bought the liner so I don’t know how long it will last before it dries up, but I’m hoping it will last a while. Another plus of this liner is its packaging! I love the gold and black paired with the blue and purple cap; so cute!

Tarte eyeliner

What’s your favorite black eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!

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Audrey Knizek


I know I know, technically there’s still 8 days of summer left, and yeah, it was 80 degrees in my town today, but I can feel Autumn coming around the corner. I popped in to Bath and Body Works and bought some Autumn scented candles and I’ve been drinking more tea (I tend to prefer tea to coffee in the cooler months). I so desperately want the temperature to drop so I can wear sweaters and scarves and not over heat on the walk from my house to my car. I also love playing with makeup looks for the fall. I purchased the NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage a couple of weeks ago and was inspired to do a look with this lipstick as the main focus.

This look requires a lot of products and time, so it certainly isn’t good for every day, but I love it so much! I’ll definitely be doing this look again if I have an event to go to, or even just a night out with friends.

I’ve never done this type of blog post before, so bare with me. My light also kept changing as I was taking pictures of the steps so hopefully things don’t look too awful. To find out how I got the look above, keep on reading!

  1. I started by priming my face with Benefits the Porefessional primer and then putting their Porefessional Matte Rescue on top of it. Once that dried I used my Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade 115 Ivory.

2. I then used my two favorite concealers; I used Rimmel’s match perfection in the shade 125 under my eyes and then I used Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer in the shade 1o Light on my chin, nose, and spots. After blending the concealer with my beauty blender I used the Coty Airspun loose face powder, and the Ulta mineral setting powder to set my foundation and concealer.

3. I then used the bronzer from the Lorac Pink Champagne palette to lightly contour my cheeks. The lipstick for this look is such a dark color that I wanted to keep everything else on the more natural side. I lightly applied a Sephora blush in the shade Rose Glow to achieve that natural flush before topping it with the L’Oreal Lumi Illuminator in the shade Rose.

4. Before doing my eyebrows I applied the Wet n Wild Photofucus eyeshadow primer. While that was drying I used the e.l.f. eyebrow kit in medium to define my brows. I then set them with the Ulta brow gel. I always think I look so funny at this stage in my makeup. My brows are so bold and there’s no eye makeup to balance it out!

5. Now for the eyeshadow! I used shadows exclusively from my Tartelette in bloom palette to achieve this look. I first applied Charmer all over the lids as a base before applying Jetsetter to the crease. After blending out the crease I applied Activist to the outer corners and blended that color out. I then went in and applied Charmer to the lids again to make sure they really popped. I finished the eyeshadow off by applying Funny Girl all over the lids. img_2317

6. I like to use setting spray before I apply mascara as it tends to make some mascaras run, ruining the makeup I’ve spent so much time on! The one I’ve been using for a while now is NYX’s matte finish setting spray. img_2320

7. I used the Maybelline Lash Stiletto to apply a thin line of liner before going in with my favorite mascara, Covergirl’s Super Sizer.

8. The last step is to apply the lipstick! I lined my lips with an Ulta lipliner in the shade My Berry before applying two coats of the NYX Liquid Suede.

And that’s the finished look! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Happy September! I hate to see summer go, but I am so excited for hot tea, scarves, boots, and chilly nights spent with great friends. I couldn’t leave summer behind though without first sharing my August favorites, as there were so many awesome makeup goodies this month.

I’ve been using the Sunday Riley Good Genes serum for about 2 months now, but it wasn’t until August that I really started to see any results from it. I did a blog post on it if you’d like to know more about this product, but it truly is amazing. I’m only a quarter of the way through the 1 oz bottle, so I don’t have to think about repurchasing any time soon. Despite the price, I probably will repurchase when the time comes as it is that good.

The Porefessional primer from Benefit is one of the only primers I’ve used that can control my oily skin, and for that reason alone it’s made its way into my favorites. It doesn’t have a smell and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and ready for foundation. Again, it’s a bit expensive for a primer, but it’s also a miracle worker. Miracles aren’t cheap.

The Ulta mineral setting power came in a kit I got for my birthday, and initially I wasn’t that excited about it. It’s just a loose powder, what could be so great? The pot is too small to get a fluffy, full face brush into so I decided to use a small brush and set my undereye concealer with it. Best decision ever. My concealer no longer creases and looks beautiful all day. The only complaint I have with this product is that it can get a bit messy.

I had been hearing a lot about the Covergirl Super Sizer mascara for a while from different bloggers and Youtubers. Mascara is one of my favorite makeup products, second only to lipstick, so I was excited to give this a go. The wand is a lot smaller than I expected, which is actually really nice for the lower lashes. Two coats of this and I had the longest lashes I’ve ever had using only mascara. I hate to say it, but this may have replaced the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara as my new favorite…


I have blue eyes, and as a result I am constantly being drawn to any copper / rose gold eye shadow. The shade Amber Rush by L’Oreal is another talked about product that I had wanted to buy for a while. I’m so glad I did. The formula is so creamy and pigmented and reminds me of more high end brands. The actual shade is the most beautiful rose gold shade with the perfect amount of shimmer. I like using this all over my lids before going in with dark brown shades to deepen the look.


I’ve never worn a lipstick as dark as this one. I normally stick to reds and pinks ,often times picking up and then putting back anything even remotely leaning towards purple. With the Autumn months creeping up on us, I was feeling bold and decided to pick up the NYX liquid suede lipstick in the shade Vintage. I’ve only worn this once, but here it is, in my favorites. That should tell you something straight away. I was obsessed with my makeup the day I wore this, looking in any mirror I stumbled upon. This does not dry down matte, but still manages to stay in place all day. Every time I ate or drank something I expected to look in the mirror and see it smudged all over my face, but that wasn’t the case! I’m thinking I might even do an Autumn makeup look post using this lipstick, I loved it that much.


Lastly, Luke gave the Tartelette In Bloom eye shadow palette for my birthday. I have plenty of more playing to do with this palette but I’ve really been enjoying it so far. The shadows are incredibly pigmented, soft, and easy to blend. They also smell like chocolate which is a plus! My favorite shades so far are funny girl and firecracker. Look out for a more in depth post about this palette in the weeks to come.

What products did you love during the month of August?

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I celebrated my 21st birthday on Wednesday and it was such a fun, beautiful day spent with family and friends. I’m so grateful for everyone who wished me a happy birthday and spent the day with me. I went to the race course for most of the day before meeting up with my parents, aunt, uncle, and some cousins for dinner and margaritas! Despite losing $5 at the track, I consider it a day well spent. As I love watching and reading about what people received for their birthday I thought I would do the same. Here’s to 21 and another year of fun!


Luke gave me a gorgeous candle in the scent sea glass, the Tartelette in bloom palette (I may have hinted that I wanted this…), a phone mount for my car, and Cage the Elephant’s new album on vinyl. Luke and I saw Cage the Elephant together the first summer we started dating so that gift means a lot to me.


I recently redid my bedroom and my mom surprised me with this gorgeous end table. Expect to see the marble tabletop as the background for a lot of blog photos!


I’m so excited to try everything in this makeup kit from Ulta! The matte lipstick is a gorgeous berry shade that will be perfect for the upcoming autumn months. The brushes are super soft and the eyeshadow palette has some great shades.


It was the birthday of makeup! I’m so excited to finally own a primer that works for my oily skin. I haven’t tried the eye cream or matte rescue before so I’m excited to give those a go. My mom definitely nailed it on the head with the birthday gifts this year (as she does every year).


Lastly, my aunt got me a beautiful bag with brass details and distressed, black faux leather. Inside the bag was a gift card to Victoria’s Secret Pink store. I’ve never bought anything from there and I’m in desperate need of new yoga pants. I don’t think that gift card will stay in my wallet for long… I was also given the beautiful frame pictured above that will quickly be filled.

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