Eyeshadow palettes are really having their moment right now, so much so that it feels like a new one comes out every day. While it’s great to have so many options and palettes to play with, a lot of great palettes in the market end up getting lost amongst the hype of the next latest and greatest. I was inspired by Catflicks & Matte Lips and one of her latest posts (check out her blog because it’s amazing) and I decided to go through my makeup collection and see what I haven’t been using a lot recently.

The Tartelette Tease palette is a perfect palette for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on high end makeup, but who are still looking for a little something. It retails for $23 and can be found at Ulta or on the Tarte website. The palette comes with six shades, four matte and two shimmer, all in brown and purple tones. A little extra bonus is that this palette smells like chocolate, as do a lot of Tarte eyeshadow palettes. I love to take this palette with me when I go away for weekends, as it’s the perfect size to just slip in a makeup bag and not have it take up too much room.

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Tartelette Tease palette


Tartelette Tease swatches

The six shades blend so well and all of the colors compliment each other nicely, making it easy to decide on a look. It might not seem like a lot of different looks are possible with only six shades, but this palette is surprisingly versatile! Another reason why it’s great for travel. The two dark shades, heartbreaker and bff, are incredibly pigmented while whisper and wink are the perfect base shadows. The two shimmer shades, crush and first kiss, seem disappointing when you first look at swatches, but once they’re foiled they are gorgeous! They really help to finish off any look you create with this little palette.

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Tartelette Tease eyeshadow palette
This look uses every shade except First Kiss. Ignore the eyebrows, I need to get them waxed!

What’s your go-to palette when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!

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Awww omg so glad I inspired you!!! I always wanted to pick that palette up, I love their minis- especially the new mini of the pro palette, it looks gorgeous! Absolutely loved reading your review of it- also obsessed with the look you created with it!! Love this xoxo


It looks so good on you x


Oh thank you! ?

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