Q&A With Makeup Artist Tierney Messmer

I have a fun post for you today! About a year and a half ago I met Tierney Messmer, a professional makeup artist in Rochester NY. I met Tierney through my good friend and photographer, Miranda. I was visiting Miranda out in Rochester, and got the opportunity to model for her on a photo shoot! Tierney was the makeup artist that day, and she did such a beautiful job. Since then, I’ve been following Tierney on social media and admiring her work.

Tierney Messmer With Love Makeup Artist
How gorgeous is this look? I didn’t want to wash my face that night because I loved it so much!

Tierney runs her own business doing makeup for brides and their wedding parties. She’s also an Esthetician and is trained in Airbrush Makeup, Application of False Lashes, Spray Tanning, Facials, Waxing, and Body Treatments. Tierney is one of the nicest woman you’ll meet, and she truly has a passion for what she does. She also writes a blog entitled Unbridled, full of tips, insider knowledge, and information about being a makeup artist.

When Tierney reached out and said she’d like to do a blog collaboration I was so excited! I wrote up some questions to ask her about being a makeup artist in the wedding industry and she gave some great answers. If you live around the Rochester area and are looking for a makeup artist, I would highly recommend Tierney. She’s professional and fun, and creates some beautiful looks. Keep reading to learn more about Tierney and why she loves working in the bridal industry!

1. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

All my life I’ve been inspired by fashion and beauty. As a child, I would wander the beauty isles at Wegmans collecting products for my caboodles! It was my first “makeup kit”. It fills my heart with joy that I’ve been able to turn my passion into a profession. I love empowering women and making them feel good.

2. What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to doing bridal makeup?

Working with people and making them feel good is my passion. The biggest challenge is when the client has an insecurity and it’s hard for them to see their own beauty. I see beauty in every face I work on and knowing they sometimes don’t, can be difficult. Pleasing a client with insecurities can be extremely challenging but extremely rewarding.

3. What do you enjoy most about doing bridal makeup?

I feel a kinship with all my brides and I’m always honored to be part of such an important day! I’ve seen many happy tears upon handing over the mirror. There’s nothing more heart-warming than knowing I’ve made them feel beautiful.

4. What is one mistake a lot of people make when they’re just starting out as an artist?

There are a lot of things I could say but burning bridges with artists in your community is probably the biggest one. It’s a small and supportive community and word gets around quickly. My advice is don’t copy other artists, it’s important to form your own identity as a business. Don’t intentionally undercut other artists, it’s a sure- fire way to lose respect from your colleagues. Post quality work. Don’t be offended if your colleagues don’t love work that is heavily filtered. This will peg you as more of an enthusiast than a pro artist.

There’s nothing wrong with being an enthusiast/ social media artist but knowing which side you’re on is important. Be educated, there are plenty of facebook groups created by industry leaders with free info! Lastly, don’t bash other artists! You never know when the tables will turn, it’s never feels good to be on the receiving end.

5. What’s your number one makeup application tip?

LOVE thyself

6. What makeup trend are you sick of seeing and wish would go away?

Taking all the trends to the extreme and then throwing a filter on it. I don’t mind bold brows, contouring, highlighting etc. BUT executing every trend at once is overkill and topping it with a skin smoother shows poor technique. I’ve seen many techniques done sloppily and the artist relies heavily on filters to correct issues with the application. In today’s social media culture it passes as acceptable but in the professional community it is heavily frowned upon.

7. Your go to product when it comes to doing makeup on yourself?

I can’t live without MAC pro long wear concealer!

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I loved this interview. She has such a refreshing, honest personality! Above all, I’ve loved her answer to the fifth question ♥ all makeup artists should think this way


Great interview. Not a lot of MUAs now, think like her. They have the skill but not the passion nor that bond with their clients. Its simply what it is….a job.


She’s such a lovely person and is great at what she does 🙂


This was an interesting and enlightening read! I’m a make-up enthusiast and only on myself, but it’s fascinating to know what goes on in the minds of other ‘artists.’


Those were great answers. I have never been that well at doing makeup I am self taught so still learning as I go.

Julie * http://www.hdthreviews.com


This is such a cute interview! I just looked up Tierney on Instagram and she does such beautiful work. I love MAC’s concealer too!

Hannah | the swirl | http://theswirlblog.com/


This was so informative! I’m getting my make up done for my wedding and this gave me great insight! Awesome questions by the way 🙂


That look she did on your eyes is amazing! The pink/magenta is gorgeous. It’s so good that she wants to connect with her brides. That’s so important!


This was so fun to read! SO much goes into professionally doing makeup! She has a beautiful portfolio!


This is a great interview! I checked out her Instagram and she does great work!

-Sabine | http://www.rinnyandbean.com


I am no makeup artist so it was cool to read Tierny’s perspective. I love the look she did on you and I really agree with her point about not going full force on every trend at once.


This is so interesting, thanks for sharing!!


Great interview! I have that MAC concealer and I agree it’s one of the best!

xx, Melissa


Love the bold pink eye! It’s really easy to look overdone if you incorporate too many trends! Great interview.


loved reading this!! very informative and fun <3


Great interview! I like how she talked about the kinship with her brides!


i so agree with the extremes bit!! I’m all for the trends haha but sometimes people really just do go overboard


Very helpful insight!! I love her tip to love yourself! Totally agree!

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