Transitioning into Spring

Here in Upstate NY it has been unseasonably warm the past few days. My friend and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to do some shopping and grab lunch. I thought an outfit post was in order to show how you can take some Winter pieces and incorporate them into your Spring wardrobe. Right now it’s 65º out and storms are predicted to roll in later today. Tomorrow it’s back to the 35º weather that’s typical around where I live. This brief glimpse of Spring has me excited for the warmer months, driving with the sunroof open, and trying my hand at more outfit posts like this one!

Transitioning into Spring clothing

pink leather jacket

I’ve had this pink leather jacket from INC for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. It’s held up really well, and while it’s a bit big on me, it’s good for layering on those colder days. I paired the jacket with a simple white, button up tank top from Forever 21.

Outfit of the day.

The sunglasses are from Charming Charlie’s as is my watch! They’re such a great store to buy inexpensive and stylish accessories from. My jeans are from American Eagle and they are one of the most worn items in my closet. I love that they’re ripped but still have fabric behind the rips; perfect for Winter and early Spring!

pink leather jacket

This little black purse is from Forever 21. I got it last year and for how inexpensive it was it’s held up nicely. It can’t fit too much, but there is enough room for my phone, lipstick, car keys and a little wallet. That’s really all I ever have me anyways.

These boots are another well loved item in my closet. They go with everything and make me taller! The only issue with these boots is the slit in the sides. It’s a cute detail but I need to wear socks with these shoes and you can always see them! Oh well, I hope, other than in this post, that no one is looking that closely at my feet.

Spring Makeup

One of my favorite details of this outfit are my earrings. Unfortunately I can’t find them on Forever 21’s website anymore as I got them last year, but Rose Gold is everywhere right now so I’m sure you could find something similar. I think they’re so unique and are edgy while still being feminine. The top stud is actually a separate piercing of mine.

spring clothing

I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfit and a different style (no pun intended) post from me. I really enjoyed putting this one together and hopefully you’ll be seeing more outfit posts from me in the future.

Enjoy your weekend!


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