Travel Essentials For A Domestic Flight

A lot of people dislike the actual travel part of travelling. Whether it’s trains, planes or automobiles, so many people tend to moan and groan about the journey! I feel like I am one of the very few who enjoys flying (trains and cars not so much). It’s something I rarely get to do so when the opportunity presents itself I get excited!

Part of what makes a flight enjoyable is bringing your travel essentials. A flight can quickly go downhill if you forget your phone charger, skincare or a cozy sweater. It’s made even worse when you realize you’ve forgotten something and have to spend twice as much at the airport to replace the item. Ugh, no thank you!

So with a trip to Colorado ahead of me, I thought I would share some of my flight essentials so you’re better prepared the next time you have a flight!

Travel Essentials For A Domestic Flight

A Good Book

The first thing going into my carry on is a book. Usually when I go on vacation I bring at least 3 books as I’m known to fly through them. My trip coming up is shorter one though so one book will do. 

If you’re not into books I suggest a magazine instead. It’s nice to have something to do while travelling that isn’t watching Netflix or playing a game on your phone.


If I forgot headphones I would 100% buy a pair at the airport no matter what they cost. I can’t go a flight without having music and podcasts to drown out crying children and people complaining. 

Do they still give headphones out on flights? If they do they’re not good quality so I’d still say buy your own if your forget a pair.

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A Sweater

Why are airports and planes always freezing? Seriously, it could be the middle of winter and the AC in the airport would be on.

For this reason a nice, cozy sweater is a travel essential! The bigger and softer the better.


Even on a domestic flight it’s smart to bring your passport (or so my mom says). 

A license is a good form of identification but your passport shows that you’ve flown before and is quick to pull out and show someone if necessary. Just be sure to keep it someplace safe!

Oil Blotting Sheets

If you’re one of those people who get dry skin while traveling, what is your secret? I have such oily skin that not even a flight will dry it out. For this reason I make sure to throw some oil blotting sheets into my bag.

Makeup Removing Wipes & Skin Serum

It’d be a little hard to wash your face while on a plane so I like to pack some makeup wipes and skin serum in my bag. The stale plane air can leave your skin feeling dirty and congested so do what you can to feel refreshed after your flight!

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My laptop is a must when travelling! I have some movies downloaded that I can watch when WiFi isn’t available and am able to work on my blog when there is WiFi. I also like to play The Sims to make the time go by while waiting in the airport 🙈

Phone Charger

This may seem like an obvious one but I still manage to forget a charger when going places a lot of the times.

A dead phone battery is a sure fire way to mess up your travelling. You had to text the person picking you up from the airport? Your flight information is on your phone? Not good if you’re phone is dead!

I’d suggest bringing a wall charger and a portable one in case there isn’t an outlet nearby.

There are plenty of other items that will be going in my carry on but those are my true travel essentials! Leave a comment below with the one thing you have to have when you travel.


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