It’s been a minute since I’ve shared an outfit post with you, and quite frankly I miss them! The last time I shared an outfit was in this post back in the fall. I was always under the impression that I had to plan out the perfect location and basically do a full blown photoshoot if I was going to share what I was wearing. I also feel like I don’t go enough cute places. 🙈

I’m trying to change my mindset, though. Really all you need is a few minutes, someone to take the photos, and a couple go to poses up your sleeve! This is basically what happened when I went to brunch with my family for Mother’s Day. We went to a restaurant right on the water in a town called Lake George. I knew the location would be beautiful so I grabbed my camera before leaving, hoping we’d have time to take some photos.

My mom was nice enough to take the pictures after brunch while the rest of my family stood off to the side and watched us do our thang. They honestly probably thought we were being silly but that’s besides the point! Ten minutes and some pretty pictures later we were done. No big production or multiple hours necessary.

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Lake George, NY
Gorgeous Lake George in Upstate NY

One of my goals this summer is to go to brunch more. I realize this isn’t a lofty goal, or one that will improve my mind make me better at a skill. It will, however, get me to see friends more which can be tough when everyone gets so busy! A fun part of brunch is picking out a cute outfit to look and feel your best in.

What To Wear To Summer Brunch

For Mother’s Day brunch I went with jeans, this cute striped top from Old Navy, pink tassel earrings that are also from Old Navy, and some camel colored block heels. I love wearing heels with jeans to dress them up and block heels are so comfy!

My bag is a few years old and is honestly quite beat up. I need to find something similar to replace it, so if you have any suggestions shoot them my way! I found this one at Marshalls and it traveled all over Paris and London with me so it holds a bit of sentimental value. Time to move on though I think…

Summer Brunch Outfit Idea

A better look at my top. I am a sucker for stripes (I have at least 10 striped tops) so this shirt immediately went into my shopping cart. It wrinkles easily, as you can tell, but that’s alright.

summer brunch outfit ideas

I think…I think I have lipstick on my teeth in this photo. That’s a cute look 🙄 At least it’s not food from brunch!

Camel colored block heels

What do you typically wear when you go to brunch? Are you more of a dress and skirts type of girl or do you prefer jeans and a top? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to chat with you!

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