I celebrated my 21st birthday on Wednesday and it was such a fun, beautiful day spent with family and friends. I’m so grateful for everyone who wished me a happy birthday and spent the day with me. I went to the race course for most of the day before meeting up with my parents, aunt, uncle, and some cousins for dinner and margaritas! Despite losing $5 at the track, I consider it a day well spent. As I love watching and reading about what people received for their birthday I thought I would do the same. Here’s to 21 and another year of fun!


Luke gave me a gorgeous candle in the scent sea glass, the Tartelette in bloom palette (I may have hinted that I wanted this…), a phone mount for my car, and Cage the Elephant’s new album on vinyl. Luke and I saw Cage the Elephant together the first summer we started dating so that gift means a lot to me.


I recently redid my bedroom and my mom surprised me with this gorgeous end table. Expect to see the marble tabletop as the background for a lot of blog photos!


I’m so excited to try everything in this makeup kit from Ulta! The matte lipstick is a gorgeous berry shade that will be perfect for the upcoming autumn months. The brushes are super soft and the eyeshadow palette has some great shades.


It was the birthday of makeup! I’m so excited to finally own a primer that works for my oily skin. I haven’t tried the eye cream or matte rescue before so I’m excited to give those a go. My mom definitely nailed it on the head with the birthday gifts this year (as she does every year).


Lastly, my aunt got me a beautiful bag with brass details and distressed, black faux leather. Inside the bag was a gift card to Victoria’s Secret Pink store. I’ve never bought anything from there and I’m in desperate need of new yoga pants. I don’t think that gift card will stay in my wallet for long… I was also given the beautiful frame pictured above that will quickly be filled.

Thanks for reading!




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Happy birthday!! I love the marble table ?


Thank you so much!


You got some lovely stuff!


Delighted to know I nailed it in the gift dept! Always easy to shop for you!!!


Happy birthday! Desipe so late. I really regret I don’t know it early.

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