Summer has officially started, and with it comes long, relaxing days at the beach! I could spend every day at the beach for the rest of my life and have no complaints. Whether it’s the ocean or a lake, there is something so peaceful about relaxing by the water and enjoying time with family and friends. There are a few essentials that are always in my beach bag, and I thought I would share them with you!


A bathing suit is a no brainer, but I still had to include it in my list. Target has so many cute ones for an affordable price. I love mixing and matching different tops with bottoms and get so excited when I find a cute combination. Also a must for the beach is a pair of flip flops; they’re so easy to slip on and off once your toes have been in the sand!


You’re going to be in your bare feet a lot when you’re on the beach, so I think it’s nice to paint a fun pop of color on your toenails. Essie always comes out with the best colors for summer that will last way past your weeklong beach vacation.


Essential to any beach bag is a pair of sunglasses. I got mine from Forever 21 for $5, but Target, Charlotte Russe, and Marshalls all have cute pairs for an affordable price. I have yet to splurge on a designer pair of sunglasses as I’m afraid I’ll break or lose them.


Staying hydrated is so important, especially in the summer when you’re running around all day in the sun. A reusable water bottle is a great idea, as they usually hold more water than a plastic one, and are much better for the environment. Another thing that’s necessary for any day on the beach is sunblock. Sunblock can be pricy, so I normally stick to store brands, as they do the same thing as a name brand sunblock would. Make sure to reapply regularly! And don’t forget a lip balm with spf in it to protect your lips. A lot of brands make them, but my favorite is the lemon flavor from eos.


I don’t like using the same sunblock on my face as I do on my body, as a have very sensitive skin. Right now I’m loving Olay’s all day moisturizer with SPF 15 for sensitive skin. I wear this every day in the summer because it’s so light and non-greasy. The last thing in my beach bag is a body spray. You never know where your friends might want to go after stepping off of the sand, and a shower might not be an option for a while. I’m not saying body spray is a substitute for good hygiene, but it’s nice to freshen up a bit.

Let me know what you put in your beach bag, and happy summer!





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