Snow has fallen, the temperature has dropped, my feet are constantly cold, and I’m about to break out my balsam scented candles. You know what that means? It’s officially winter time. Never mind the fact that the calendar states that winter doesn’t technically start until the 21st of December; it looks and feels like winter where I live. Unfortunately, when winter knocks on the door it brings dry, dull skin with it. Around this time of year is when I switch out some of my skin care items that I use in the summer for products that are more suited for dry, cold weather.

My skin care routine in the morning is pretty fast and no nonsense, however at night I use a combination of products and spend a decent amount of time caring for my skin. I start off with a cleanser that is gentle yet effective at removing makeup as I hate using actual makeup remover. I’ve really been loving the Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser recently. It’s all natural, has a light fragrance that I actually quite enjoy, and leaves my skin feeling so clean!


After I wash my face I use my Pixi Glow Tonic toner and just apply it all over my face with a cotton pad. This 5% glycolic acid toner exfoliates while treating any acne I may have. The smell is quite strong, but you do get used to it. This toner also helps to brighten my skin and breathe some life back into it.


A couple weeks ago I notice how dry the skin directly underneath my eyes was, and I knew it was time to implement an eye cream into my routine. I picked up the Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-wrinkle Firming Eye Cream and have been enjoying it so far. It’s moisturizing as well as brightening. Despite only being 21 I’ve been starting to use anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products to hopefully maintain my skin for as long as possible. I like that this eye cream is geared specifically towards preventing wrinkles, as I feel like wrinkles around the eyes are usually the first ones you notice.

After applying my eye cream I use the Olay Night of Olay firming cream to moisturize my face. This moisturizer is only $7 and so lovely. It has a strong scent that’s mix of roses and baby powder, and at first I didn’t care for it, but now I love it. The cream is so thick and feels like a $30 product rather than a $6 product. I apply this all over my face and then down my neck and collarbone area.

If I have any large blemishes I’ll apply the Mario Badescu drying cream as a spot treatment. This product doesn’t sink into the skin, but rather sits on top and works to dry out any blemishes overnight. It’s very thick and has an extremely earthy smell, so if that’s not your thing I would stay away from this product. However I often get whiteheads and love how quickly this treatment gets rid of them.


What products do you use in the winter? Leave your comments down below, I love to read them!

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