The theme you choose for your blog is the first impression you give readers when they come to your site. That’s why it’s so important to have a theme that’s responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve left a blog simply because I didn’t like the way it looked or it was hard to find what I was looking for. That may seem harsh to some, but it’s the truth. If a blog looks unprofessional I’m not going to trust what the author has to say.

I feel like as beauty and lifestyle bloggers it’s especially important that our blogs look nice. We’re constantly talking about fashion, makeup, and home decor so our blogs should reflect our personal style. Whether you’re just starting a beauty blog or yours needs a makeover, I tried to find something to suit everyone’s style.

As I was researching and picking out my favorite WordPress themes I wanted to start up five new blogs just so I could use them all! Each theme I found is responsive, meaning it will work on any device, whether that’s a laptop or a smartphone. The layout of each design is also perfect for blog posts about fashion, makeup reviews, DIY projects and more!

A lot of the themes I recommend require you to be self-hosted, which means you’re not running your blog through If you’re looking for a good host, I highly recommend SiteGround. Plans start at just $3.95/month and the 24/7 chat support is there to help you with all of your questions! SiteGround is also faster and more secure than a lot of other hosts available, meaning a better experience for all of the people visiting your blog!

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Silk from Pixelgrade is a stunning theme that’s perfect for any fashion blogger. The design is very crisp, with small details that draw the user in and make a great first impression! Pixelgrade is an amazing theme provider who go above and beyond just providing the design. They offer a 14 day trial period for any theme along with the option to pay for the theme and their services on a monthly basis. You can also cancel at any time, no yearly contracts involved! Pixelgrade does all of the set up for you, meaning no headaches trying to make your blog what you want it to be!

Silk WordPress Theme from Pixelgrade

Demo the Silk theme here.


I love the two different menu bars available with the Madison theme as well as all of the options to add your social media feeds. Adding your feed instead of just a link to your Instagram profile entices people and they’ll be more likely to follow you. You can upload a custom header and use a slider to highlight multiple blog posts. Madison also comes pre-equipped with all of the plugins you see in the demo.

Madison WordPress Theme

Demo the Madison theme here.


I think this daisy theme is so cute! The delicate and minimal design is perfect for any lifestyle blogger looking to truly highlight their posts. So many themes these days look alike but I think this one stands out amongst the crowd. All of the colors are customizable to fit your brand in addition to being able to choose where your widgets and plugins go.

Daisy WordPress Theme


Demo the Daisy theme here.


For all of you rosegold lovers out there, this one’s for you! The design is very clean and the rosegold blog title at the top is very on trend. When you purchase this theme you’ll have the opportunity to contact the creator of this theme with your blog name. She’ll send over a file that includes your blog name in the rosegold script and you’ll be good to go! This theme also includes a video tutorial that will walk you through how to set it up. Who said blog design had to be difficult?

Rosegold WordPress theme

Demo the Rosegold theme here.


The Caroline theme is very customizable which is perfect for those who don’t know how to code but who want something that’s just their own. All of the colors and fonts can be changed and widgets and elements of the layout can be hidden at the click of a button. The Caroline theme comes with five different layouts, four different post styles, and is WooCommerce compatible. There’s also a full-width Instagram feed in the footer so everyone who visits your site can see your beautiful photos!

Caroline WordPress Theme

Demo the Caroline theme here.


I love this last theme so much! Malina is an absolutely stunning theme and I’m so tempted to buy it myself. Choose from 3 different blog post layouts, and 15 layouts for the overall look of your blog. Customize the homepage to your liking and display your Instagram feed right on your blog! When you purchase this theme you’ll also get written instructions on how to install it.

Malina WordPress Theme

Demo the Malina theme here.

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Don’t like any of these themes? Creative Market has so many options for WordPress themes that your bound to find you like. PixelGrade also offers many options and there constant support is unprecedented.

In the end, it comes down to choosing a design that fits your personal style in addition to showing off your blog posts. If you’re just starting a blog take your time to decide on a theme. It’s a big decision and like I mentioned before, it’s also the first impression you give people.

Now go on and create a beautiful blog!

WordPress Themes For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers


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This is such a good resource, as I want to switch over to WordPress at some point soon!! Thank you for sharing these girl!

xoxo A


These are so pretty! Madison is my favorite.


Oooh I looooove Rosegold and Malina! I’m in the market for a new theme because my theme is about 3 years old – I feel it’s good to give my blog a facelift every three years or so! My one thing is I’m so technologically challenged so I would want to pay them extra to install it just so I don’t break my site! Ha.


such great picks! i love the rosegold and malina! def a great resource!


I’m looking at a blog redesign, so I love these! Definitely bookmarking this page!


This is a great roundup of free themes! I found a free one also that I just LOVE – I am glad there are so many resources out there for bloggers!


Hey Paige! You actually have to purchase these themes, however they are inexpensive compared to some others out there. Glad you found a free one that works for you!


Thanks for sharing these! I´ve been thinking of migrating from Weebly to WordPress


These are really pretty – I especially love Malina. Your blogs is great- so many cool ideas. I’m glad I found it!


I’m a sucker for rose gold so that theme is my favorite! Great roundup!


Great options! As a lifestyle blogger I am always looking for the best themes on the market. Thank you for sharing these with us.


these are such great themes! rose gold is definitely my favorite. so clean and feminine!

xo, Megan


Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to look into upgrading from free to payed theme. Two that I liked from the list is Malina and Daisy.


I know you picked a good one because your blog loads so fast! If I hadn’t found my holy grail theme (Tuilikki) I would definitely go with Madison!! It’s gorgeous.


These are beautiful themes! I may be interested in changing mine up soon!


Madison looks very similar to the vibe of my Blog, so feminine and cute!


Okay, I’m immediately in love with Silk and Rosegold… 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing them! 🙂


These are all so pretty and dainty! Love them so much!


I love Madison and Daisy! So cute

-xo, Azanique |


I love Madison! It’s clean but girly


Wow these are all such gorgeous themes! I love Daisy!


They’re all so beautiful! Will definitely bookmark this page for future reference! 😉


Loving the themes!!!! They are so pretty!!


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