I took last Friday off from posting because some big changes were happening over here on With Love!

A couple of weeks ago Elena from Blogerize contacted me about giving my blog a makeover. Considering I’ve been working on rebranding my blog for a while now, I decided to take Elena up on her offer, and so we got to work! All I told Elena and her team was that I like the look of a black and white theme with splashes of pink, and within days I received an email containing the new design of my blog. I absolutely love how it looks now; it is such a step up from how my blog looked before.

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Elena was so easy to work with and incredibly responsive. Any email I sent to her she read and responded within a day. She answered all of my (many questions) and accommodated all of the little changes I asked to be made to the design of my blog. Part of the process of designing my blog was moving everything from one host to another, and Elena and her team completely took over. It was a seamless transition that I couldn’t have done myself.

I can’t thank Elena and her team enough! My blog looks modern, professional, and is exactly what I was looking for. If you want to learn more about Blogerize and all they can do to help build your blog, click here!

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