In a perfect world every product purchased at the drugstore would be so amazing we’d want to sing from rooftops about it. Unfortunately the world is not perfect; Monday’s exist, acne is not just for teenagers, and a lot of products at the drugstore are terrible. I’ve collected some of what are, in my opinion, the worst products at the drugstore and I’m here to share them. Hopefully I save at least one person from buying a terrible product.

Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel

Admittedly, this cleanser from Garnier has been in a favorites of mine. When I first purchased this I thought I loved it. It’s advertised towards people with oily skin (hi, hello, me!) and charcoal has been in everything lately. I thought this cleanser was doing a great job at clearing up my skin, but after a few weeks the opposite started to happen. My skin broke out so badly and I didn’t know why. I handed the bottle to Luke, a chemist in training, and had him look at the ingredients. He immediately told me that menthol is an irritant and was the probable cause of my breakouts. I immediately stopped using this product and haven’t looked back since.

Mario Badescu Moisturizer

This moisturizer from Mario Badescu came in an acne clearing kit I purchased from Ulta. I loved all the products that came in it except for this moisturizer. I know everyone’s skin is different, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Apparently this moisturizer is oil free, but my skin had never felt so oily than when I applied this. It smells so strongly of SPF it makes me remember when I was 8 and would spend every waking moment at the town pool. Also, this moisturizer broke me out like nothing else. The day I stopped using this I immediately noticed a difference.

Garnier Fructis Texture Tease

I don’t have too much to say about this Garnier texturizing spray other than it’s just bad. The smell is sickly sweet and very strong. It also makes your hair so stiff and dirty feeling that it’s hard to do anything with. It felt like a thick film was covering my entire head of hair. There are much better texturizing sprays at the drugstore. NEXT!

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick

Okay, this one isn’t a bad product, I just don’t use it enough. I love copper shadows, but for some reason I never reach for this shadow stick from NYX. I’m hoping by writing about it I’ll be more motivated to use it. The shade is beautiful and it lasts all day. It is a bit hard to blend though.

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Hard Candy Color Correcting Primer

This primer from Hard Candy is just a weird product. It’s a green primer that’s very whipped in texture and has a very strong scent. It’s meant to correct redness but the handful of times I tried it I never noticed much of a difference. The smell alone makes me never want to use this primer again. I also felt like it just sat on my skin instead of really sinking in. I’ll stick to my Benefit Porefessional.

Wet n Wild elf NYX

I’m honestly so upset I didn’t like the Liquid Catsuit from Wet n’ Wild. So many people have been raving about it, and I went in with high expectations. I picked up the shade Pink Really Hard and it was just terrible. It bunched on my lips and peeled off within a few hours. It felt so uncomfortable to wear and it also looked awful on my lips. Part of me wonders if it’s just the shade, but another part of me doesn’t want to spend $5 to find out.

Now, Tea Rose is a situation where I know it’s the shade, not the lipstick formula. I love the matte lip pencils from e.l.f., I own two others and they’re both gorgeous. Tea Rose is just an odd, greyish purple shade that doesn’t look good with my skintone no matter how hard I try. Every time I put it on I immediately take it off. Oh well!

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One of the worst products of all has got to be the NYX Full Throttle lipstick. Never in my life have I tried a lipstick as terrible as this one. It’s dry, thick, hard to apply, and smells like paint you would use in fifth grade art class. It crumbled off my lips in chunks which was such a disgusting feeling. Every time I see this lipstick in the drugstore I point it out to whomever I’m with and tell them how awful it is. Do not buy this, just don’t do it.

What terrible products have you tried? Leave your comment below and save everyone some money and disappointment!


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I LOVE this post!!!! Most people write about the products they LOVE, but you never hear about the awful products that you should stay away from. Bravo!!!!


AHHHH terrible products? So many. A lot of mascaras that other people love.


Love the twist of this post. It’s refreshing being told what to stay away from vs. what to get. Aloha!


So glad you enjoyed it! It was fun writing about the bad products so I’ll probably write another one in the future! 🙂


Love this – definitely different haha! I also used to love anything by Garnier, but almost everything has menthol in it! It definitely made my skin worse, so now I avoid them!


I wish companies would realize that menthol is an irritant and stop putting it in their products! The cooling effect felt from menthol isn’t necessary.


I’d have to say I think I like reading bad reviews better than good ones! Especially when you’re making them so funny to read!


Thank you for reading! I try to make my posts as fun to read as possible 🙂


Yikes! Little by little I’m getting away from drugstore products.


I still love the drugstore; there are some amazing options there. Sometimes the drugstore version is better than its high-end dupe.


These kinds of products are probably what gives drugstores a bad name for their beauty products. I usually order my makeup and skincare from my Amway store, so I can earn cash back and other rewards from referrals. Plus it’s good quality and I’m not bombarded with hundreds of choices. I thought it was so funny that you included a product that you actually liked! Hopefully it doesn’t deter others from using it, but at least it means more for you on the rack!


There are bound to be bad products no matter where you go; even Sephora and Ulta. Every product out there can’t be a great one unfortunately. Thanks for reading and for the comment 🙂


Aw love this post! My skin always reacts to everything I use, I think it is very easily irritated <3 for me the Tea Tree range at The Body Shop was the worst thing I ever applied, my skin burned and burned and itched for about 2 weeks and anything that had come in to contact with it I had to wash about five times haha xD I also remember being allergic to washing powder and having to buy a whole new wardrobe! But in terms of beauty, the NYX lingerie lipsticks were not meant for me 😀 you still capture all of these so beautifully, love your blog! xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
(lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


Oh no! That Body Shop range sounds awful! Tea tree never did much for me so I’ll be sure to stay away from those products. Thank you so much for reading and the nice comments 🙂 Your Instagram is beautiful!


Great post! I enjoyed the writing, I wanted to see how many ways one could dislike a product. You were authentic and very descriptive!

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